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... My rhuematologist told me that they were rib fibroids and if they were bothering me she could give me cortisone shots in them, ouch!!!! ... (89 replies)
... this isn't in my head, I have found this out by finding this board! Do not ever give up. I have been going through this for over a year and a half! Fibromyalgia, Rib Fibroids, Costochondritis, Interstitial Cystitis, Ovarian Cysts, Irritated Cervix, slight Scoliosis, ulcers, H. ... (89 replies)
... e surely they'll find out what's really wrong. Never do though. Costochondritis they say. About the lumps, I don't know. I feel like I have a lump where that pain from the front of my rib goes through to the back. Also feel like I have lumps in my sides and back down to my hips but I don't see lumps. ... (89 replies)

... below my left breat in the ribcage that bore thru to my back in that area. I've had this pain every single day since then. My entire ribcage on the left side is sore as well. ... (89 replies)
... Hi all....I have been having this really strange pain in my right rib cage--not in the front like under my breast but over on the side--under my armpit but a little lower. It doesn't really hurt it feels more like something pushing on my rib--I feel it the most when I am sitting down or laying on that side. I have really bad acid reflux. Any ideas? (4 replies)
... I understand all of your confusion that is going on with you. I have a rib fibroid which I can't find anything on the internet about it. I can only find uterine fibroids. ... (89 replies)
... k. Yep like you I have read everything. Actually my first thought when I started out was that I had cancer....I had myself convinced of it. Yep I do have that pain if you push on the rib on the right side. And yes the neck thing too. I was actually putting the neck thing down to me having menieres disease. ... (89 replies)
... Hi Emma that is exactly how I feel but mine is under the right rib cage and also my right breast really aches sometimes. I have had an ultra sound and everything is fine. I cant blame my stomach because its not on the right side. ... (89 replies)
... yep i have the same problem for prob almost as year now.on and off i have a dull ache under myy left rib that comes and goes.and sometimes a sharp pain.when i press my ribs they r sometimes sore or feel bruised.i have no idea what causes this problem. ... (33 replies)
... sometimes it feels as though mym left breast is achy too,but i think it is under my breast which is of tyhe stomach is under the left rib cage so i reckon it is definitey related to the stomach in some kind of way.i read on these boards about someone else who had these symptoms too.... ... (89 replies)
... t it everywhere. You can look at an anatomy chart and see where the liver is. Draw a corresponding triangle on your belly and that basically outlines where the pain is. ... (28 replies)
... This is Sarika, I also have the same symptom, has anyone answered your query. In my case this pain started only few months back. ... (89 replies)
... hi, my name is naheed last year i got pain under rib day by day its incres now i got pain my all left side in arm in left side breast in sholder or back side in same breast side under the rib some docter said its muscler pain some said its gas problam docter did a lot of test mt stress test also my all test are normal but i have heppities c now i m undertretmen and my viruse... (0 replies)
... ok i have the same type of under my left rib cage. i get this sudden sharp pain like there's an air bubble under my ribs and it lasts for a couple minutes and it hurts if i breathe or move a certain direction. ... (89 replies)
... I have had every gall bladder test and an barium upper and lower pelvic test and all is negative, yet I have right rib cage pain, including breast and very gastric.So if its not showing up in the tests, what is it? ... (0 replies)
... Hi, I too have this pain, although mine is on the roght side, under the breast, on the rib cage, and also sometimes my upper back hurts too. Anyone with similar symptoms? ... (89 replies)
... I didnt even know I'd had the endoscope. And yes I have had that heart attack pain a few times, mainly at ungodly times of the night , like 2am etc. Now I just feel like I have pressure in my chest all the time. ... (89 replies)
... Hi! I am new to this forum and came across some posts made by Ismik. I have been having the same problems that you have been going through. I had a breast reduction and they thought it was scar tissue, found lump, biopsy came back fine. I have had cat scans, upper gi, lower gi, you name it I have had it. ... (89 replies)
... The pain sort of continued though, and this morning I felt a pain in my upper left side, as you said, right under the breast but not the breast itself. ... (89 replies)
... Hi Ya'll I have a question for ya'll I have been having pain in my left side under my breast and a very sore tender breast, but I've also had a weird feeling under my breast feels like a baby moving, not really hurt just weird. ... (89 replies)

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