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... burning with bubbling and popping. I can also feel my heartbeat in my back and it's worse when sitting or lying on my back. ... (1 replies)
... hours after eating, I will start to feel like my stomach is eating away at itself, or is irritated, and it can only be relieved by eating something else. ... (0 replies)
... ticed is that I seem more likely to get them when I stand up after sitting for a prolonged period and also get them if I bend over. My overall feeling is that my stomach is bloating and brushing against a nerve or something that sets them off. ... (8 replies)

... Sometimes these palpitations occur when my bubbling is really bad at night about an hour after eating, sometimes they happen with no other symptoms happening. ... (8 replies)
Stomach Issues
Aug 20, 2008
... For the past two days I have had stomach bubbling and uneasiness. ... (0 replies)
... Oh my goodness.. i suffer from exacli the same thing!! i dont no why.. buh when ive not eaten in like 3hours my stumak starts to hurt. but im not hunrgy.. buh asoon as i eat it goes away .. but comes back i get bubbleing in my stomach. i dont no why? and ive realised that when i havent eaten my stumach swells up some times? and i feel bloated when i havnt eaten! ive... (4 replies)
... ced something like this for over 6 months, at first we thought it was an ulcer but it would go away and then come back. He had really bad abdominal pains and his stomach made really loud bubbling sounds ESPECIALLY when he was eatong or had a completely empty stomach, finally one day it got so bad he almost passed out. ... (4 replies)
... Also I wanted to add that my stomach often swells to twice it's normal size. It never feels bloated, just looks much bigger. ... (4 replies)
... For a while now I have been noticing my stomach and abdominal area making loud strange noises. While I'm eating I hear bubbling noises that continue for a long while afterwards and sometimes is followed by abdominal pains late at night. ... (4 replies)
... tendency to vomit, but I was probably about as close as I could be without actually doing it. As I waited and the nausea slowly passed, I could hear and feel my stomach bubbling and gurgling. Also, when I've done any amount of exercise, it feels like my heart is beating in my stomach. ... (16 replies)
... in my stomach that goes right through to my back. I have a feeling of slight heaviness inside and my stomach is bubbling and gurgling all the time. My appetite has not altered although alcohol makes the symptoms worse. ... (6 replies)
... I am suffering from the same symptoms you talk about right now. I think mine is from quitting my nerontin and having irritable bowel symdrom. My stomach has been gurgling and growling and making alot of other werid noises. ... (2 replies)
... My stomach and the noises it makes are a constant source of entertainment for my cats! It bubbles, gurgles, whooshes, even makes this little mewing sound. ... (2 replies)
... I was also told that my stomach is basically str8 down below my rib cage, and not to the right or left, the colon is the gurgling thing.. left upper quadrant.. ... (3 replies)
... Once in a while, including this week, I have been having diarrhea with an associated slow bubbling feeling coming from the stomach area, under the left rib cage. Sounds like "Blop blop blop blop blop blop blop blop". It also happens when I take a deep breath after eating a big meal. ... (2 replies)
... I have had that for the past 2 days as well, which is why I decided to come here to find answers, and I saw your post. It's exactly like you say. A gurgling/bubbling feeling coming from under the left rib cage. That's the stomach, by the way. For me, it usually goes away on it's own after a few days. Last year, I had it for 2 weeks with constant diarrhea. I've had a lot of... (3 replies)
... it. I went to sleep that night without anything to eat, and woke up this morning and STILL couldn't bring myself to eat. I've been drinking water all day, and my stomach is bubbling quite a bit, and I've been doing alot of burping. I'm not sure what to think. Could I possibling have taken too many different things? ... (0 replies)
Stomach noises
Mar 14, 2004
... I have diabetes and thyroid disease, and a good chance of getting a wheat allergy, but I cant pinpoint my bubbling to any one food. ... (6 replies)
Stomach noises
Mar 14, 2004
... Basically, im not sure what is going on in my stomach and would appreciate it if anyone could tell me. I think i eat pretty normally, i eat 2 or 3 meals a day, along with snacks and stuff. ... (6 replies)
... no history of stomach or digestive issues. This past Saturday I woke up with what felt like a ton of pressure in my stomach and chest. I was really fatigued and barely could eat. End up going to Dr and my symptoms felt more heart related than digestive. ... (1 replies)

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