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... Anyone have burning LOWER GUT? ... (0 replies)
IBS? Acid? Help
Mar 27, 2014
... up I just tend to forget about it, but in the midst of it, I find myself so miserable I can barely focus on my work. ... (0 replies)
Gut Flora
Feb 1, 2013
... since then I've been experiencing near constant heartburn. A reply to my thread on the GERD board said it's due to the antibiotics killing off the good bacteria in my system. ... (2 replies)

... My 18 year old son was on Doxycycline in Sept. for pneumonia. He tolerated it well and it got rid of the pneumonia. In December, they thought he had a bladder infection, took sample and put him back on Doxycycline as a precaution. ... (0 replies)
... On that visit, I explained to my doc some other symptoms such as burning in stomach, waking up with burning in stomach, NO heartburn. ... (12 replies)
... It seems like a longshot, but wanted to see if anyone has been in a similar situation to me, and can shed some light on what's going on with me...sorry if the message is a bit long, thanks in advance for reading! ... (3 replies)
... I have also, just a couple times, had a small amount of bright red blood on the surface of my stool. Once, 4 months ago, it was several lines the whole way down, and today, a small spot on one side. I had a digital exam about 3 months ago, and the doctor didn't seem to notice anything, but it has me concerned. She said "probably a small internal hemrrhoid but I can't find... (15 replies)
... I'm still trying to figure out what I can safely eat. In addition to eating to calm the reflux, I'm dealing with newly diagnosed IBS and that is making the eating thing more tricky. ... (16 replies)
... I'm about 16 weeks out from my fundoplication. I'm not having the burning sensation, but my GI doc has kept me on twice a day PPI's even after the surgery. He said the acid is still there and he wants to protect from damage. ... (16 replies)
... im I am still suffering after all the meds. I have excess phlegm, burning in the throat, and sharp pains in the stomach, and also sometimes this horrible feeling in my stomach, like a stomachache but not a physical pain, as if I haven't eaten for days, but eating doesn't resolve it. ... (1 replies)
... The last 2 years have been digestive "hell" for me. OK, I'm not in bad shape compared to some people, but in relative terms, I am NOT normal and am constantly having nagging problems, if not downright excruciating. ... (4 replies)
Nov 30, 2007
... GI told me today that she still believes my problem is my gb though. The endoscopy did not find any abnormal results, and the redness and irritation they found in my stomach she said is so minor that it would not cause the pain I'm in. ... (0 replies)
... and found out I have allegedly mild gastroparesis in Sept. ... (3 replies)
... I Have Been Having This Burning Stomachache For On And Off For About A Month. Last Night It Woke Me Up And Persisted For Around 2 Hours. ... (3 replies)
... I am having burning in my upper stomach lower diaphram area. And a kind of bloaty feeling most of the time. Lotsa burping. And generally even when its not burning... ... (2 replies)
Mar 29, 2004
... blem with burping for a couple of months now and it has gotten worse. Recently my burping has been accompanied with bloating after meals and burping up acid and burning in my throat because of it. ... (7 replies)
... discomfort in my gut. Get full after eating small amounts of food, feel bloated. Slight burning pain across the waist, especially right above the pubic region. Heaviness in the gut. At its worst, the bloating made me feel shortness of breath and heartburn. ... (1 replies)
... return but it is still also very mild and last less than 15 seconds but randomly appear through out the day. i don't have any nausea but i do have excessive gas in the evening so it is hard to know what food is the trigger. Stool was loose but became normal after fiber supplements. ... (1 replies)
... big gut issues...Literally. ... (3 replies)
... I'm a male in my mid 30s. ... (1 replies)

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