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... After remaining nauseous on and off for 5 days, I suddenly felt better for about 24 hrs. Then a new symptom occured. I have this feeling of a ball or gas bubble being stuck where the esophagus and stomach meet. This feeling has lasted almost 2 days now, but within the last day I started belching a bit. ... (0 replies)
Chest pains
Sep 16, 2008
... I have been having chest pains that feels like there is a bubble in my chest. Sometimes it doesn't hurt as bad, but other times I feel like it hurts to breath, cough, sneeze, laugh, etc. ... (2 replies)
... ill just come up to, well, it seems like right below my vocal cords and make a weird sound. I do'nt even know how to describe it. The pressure and fullness in my chest feels kind of like when you have the hiccups really bad and they are kind of painful. ... (0 replies)

... Well this pressure in my throat and chest just started recently. I was sitting up when I was eating but right in the middle of eating my chest and throat felt like it was closing off. ... (4 replies)
... Hello, I have been having chest tightness for a couple of months now. I am constantly burping which helps a little but the tightness just builds back up. ... (0 replies)
... It started out of nowhere, I was just sitting... working on my computer, and I felt like a bubble was in my chest, felt like burping something. ... (3 replies)
... I'll try to make the story quick. I'm a healthy 37yo male w/ no history of stomach or digestive issues. This past Saturday I woke up with what felt like a ton of pressure in my stomach and chest. I was really fatigued and barely could eat. End up going to Dr and my symptoms felt more heart related than digestive. They did blood work, EKG, heart was OK. My PCP said it... (1 replies)
... and gassy. I'm talking fully distended stomach and feeling like there is a ball of gas in my chest. Then there's my lower intestines. They whine and grumble and bubble quite frequently. It seems to happen more in the evening. I get random stabs of pain that eventually pass. Passing gas helps relieve the pain quicker. ... (0 replies)
... a burning feeling in my stomach. It was weird because I had been very careful the days before not to eat anything greasy or fried. Soon after I started getting chest pains and back pains. ... (0 replies)
... guys... I'm not sure when exactly this started but I find myself needing to burp pretty much all day, every day. I say 'needing' to burp because it feels like a bubble of gas travels up my chest and unless I burp, it becomes very uncomfortable and painful. ... (1 replies)
... For about a couple years now, I have had a frequent discomfort in the area just below my chest area and above my stomach. ... (2 replies)
Gastritis question
Oct 14, 2010
... ty of my cardio workouts. Anyway, I began having the burping symptom first. I would have to sit up in bed to try and get the lump out of my chest, like a big air bubble was stuck. But then I began having pvcs with it. So I went to the ER one night and was told to see my dr. ... (0 replies)
Stomach Issues
Aug 20, 2008
... however, had sever stomach pain several hours later. Anything I eat makes me nauseated but I am actually hungry and afraid to eat. My stomach continues to bubble and hurt. ... (0 replies)
... What concerns me also is the chest pain that is constant as well. At times it feels more like pressure and it goes thru to my back. I have had all the cardiac work done. ... (3 replies)
... I am so scared every time I eat that when I start to eat and start getting that tight feeling in my throat and chest that I am going to choke. ... (6 replies)
... I'm just curious, what are the long term effects of taking Ranitidine. I've been told by someone that I shouldn't take it for longer than 3 months (300mg once a day), I've been on it nearly 2 at the moment. I took Omeprazole for about 2 weeks initially, and a blood test I had while taking them showed a slightly higher protein level in the liver. Does ranitidine cause this... (0 replies)
Burping problem
Sep 27, 2005
... Hello there..for as long as I can remember I have not been able to burp (although when I was a baby my Mother tells me I did!). It sounds like a trivial problem, but actually it controls my life. Whenever I have a meal, or go out for an evening and have a few drinks, (this is when it is usually at its worst, although I must stress I never ever drink anything fizzy, just wine... (5 replies)
... Hey guys, I am back... You know, I went to the doctor again. In fact they couldn't see me so they sent me to the emergency room to do more tests. They did inject me with some kind of liquid and made me feel really hot and put me to a catscan like machine, and everything came out fine. I have been noticing that the more time has passed, the less the preassure is. In fact,... (3 replies)
... It could be your esophagus spasming. I had this before and after a few episodes that's what they told me it was. I also had the test where they monitor your heart and a stress test. The 1st test results were fine but the stress test wasn't good. They still insisted it was my esophagus though. I haven't had the pain in a long time now. I was put on percocet and pantoloc... (3 replies)
... Sounds like GERD or trapped gas. And anti-reflux meds may or may not help. If your heart checked out fine, I'd recommend seeing a GI doc to have endoscopy done to rule out severe GERD. Also an upper GI could look for gas, or pockets within the esophagus that may be trapping food or gas and causing your discomfort. Don't fear the worst yet - it may be a very simple... (3 replies)

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