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... Near constant burping started around the time my office carpeting got soaked in a storm, took days to dry and it was moldy. ... (0 replies)
... though I still did not associate this the medication. It could be alleviated by burping but it was very hard for me to burp. ... (0 replies)
... I was given a course of antibiotics for giardia, and am taking prilosec for my constant burping. But I've finished my antibiotics and they did more harm than good as it tore my stomach up. ... (13 replies)

... It's interesting because about 4 weeks ago I was so sick burping and burping and I got an ear infection... they put me on amoxicilin for 10 days and the diarrhea and burping went away. ... (3 replies)
... Burping constantly was the 1st issue along with pain in upper gastric, no appetite, started losing alot of wt. from 189 to 145 (I needed to lose but not this way) I had endoscopy with biopsy and thats when they found H-pylori, which if you read up on is a NASTY bug. took 2 weeks of antibiotic therapy and still sick I had C-T scan of abd and pelvic just today, I also need to... (3 replies)
... NOW I've been burping a lot, I have pain in left rib. it feels like the gas gets trapped there? ... (3 replies)
... Yes and no. Going on 3 months now and my eating habits and excercise routine has become near immaculate after steadily getting better week after week. But the symptoms never went away and infact the heartburn like symptoms continued to get worse. And continued to happen after every meal, 3 times a day. I tried Zantac and then antacid stuff, the 24 hour and instant heart burn... (3 replies)
... I'm burping like crazy and my stomach is like a washing machine. Could be H.Pylori again. ... (13 replies)
... My fatigue comes in waves, I'll be full of energy for an hour, and then I'll start burping and out of nowhere I'll become so tired I can't get myself out of the shower. ... (13 replies)
... his point I've had all those tests done, and the fatigue could be due to lack of nutrients but it comes in waves. I'll be full of energy for an hour and then the burping will start and before I know it I'm so tired I can barely get out of the shower. ... (13 replies)
Constantly Burping
Oct 24, 2007
... All sounds alot like GERD, or at least things that lead to refluxing. My prime symptom that alarmed me that something was terribly wrong was 2 days solid of constant "burping" (internal, silent burps with feeling of opening in the chest, not the obnoxious public kind everyone thinks of) about ever minute or less. It still is my main constant symptom (I'm convinced it's the... (3 replies)
... For the past 7 months I have been experiencing constant burping and nausea. It can happen any time of the day, and doesn't always follow a meal. Sometimes it starts even before I eat anything in the morning. ... (0 replies)
Mar 26, 2004
... this problem for a couple of years now. I remember going to the doctor for it a long time ago and all she told me was to take something for it. I've been having constant burping problems. Lately they have been leading to anxiety attacks. My heart would beat so fast and then after I heart slows down a bit. ... (7 replies)
... people are having the same problem I am, a pressure on my chest, burping, lump feeling in the back of the throat, difficulty breathing, fatigue, bitter taste and CONSTANT BURPING. ... (1 replies)
... For about 4 months I have been burping up air constantly. It starts when I get up, and that's when I feel the worse. ... (2 replies)
... I have been dealing with a lump in my throat, occasional nausea and constant burping. Sometimes I have a burning pain between my shoulder blades. The upper right side pain has returned. ... (2 replies)
Extreme bloating
Nov 11, 2013
... Hi there, If anyone can offer me any advice or help I will be eternally grateful. I have a severe problem with bloating, adding at least 3Ē to my waistline throughout the course of each day. I have suffered with this around 2 and a half years now. At first I put it down to weight gain but over time I have come to realise thatís not the case as its flat (or flatter!) in the... (0 replies)
Please help
Oct 3, 2013
... I would take a super-probiotic called keybiotics, you do have to order it or maybe you can find a super probiotic in a health store but that's what I would do, seems like you have a bacterial over growth some where in your body. they thing about keybiotics is it gives you energy and help with ibs and stomach issues I would look it keybiotics and get it. I ordered some as well... (2 replies)
Please help
Oct 1, 2013
... Sorry that youíre going thru I had developed some of your symptoms from taking some meds. My ND (not MD) put me on Zypan and Xylitol with Erythritol. It cleared up in 2 months. In addition I went on a Mediterranean diet with no wheat, starches, and no process foods Get Better (2 replies)
Gastrin ?
Aug 22, 2013
... nd barrets, also a non relaxing sphincter so I'm dependant on laxitives. My question is I have severe lower abdominal bloating and pain with difficulty breathing constant burping and lots of gas difficulty swallowing cronik sinus presure and ear presure does anyone have any knowledge if all this is caused from my hiatal hernia? ... (0 replies)

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