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... I get pains mostly on the left but sometimes the right and bad back pain in the same places. Anyone else? ... (8 replies)
Back Pain?!
Jul 24, 2005
... The scope didn't hurt at all. I was knocked out completely.. The last thing I remember is the nurses telling me they were going to put the back of the bed down so I could lay down after that, nothing. Next thing I knew they were waking me up in recovery. My husband said it took all of 10 mins or less. ... (3 replies)
... Hi everyone, Lately I have been experiencing the following problems (at least since November). I went to my GP and he thinks it is just anxiety. I didn't agree, and as sort of a concession, he is sending me to an allergist to check out an allergy connection. I am not so sure. Please look at my symptoms list and let me know if you think it could be GERD: * chest tightness... (3 replies)

... There is treatment called the Stretta Procedure which can prevent GERD from progressing to Barrett's. ... (4 replies)
... Sounds like it could be gerd.Best see a doc to get it checked.The symptoms of gerd are sometimes throat related instead of the most obvious symptom acid indigestion.Better to be safe then sorry,you wouldnt want to end up with Barretts. ... (4 replies)
... Hi there, I had the lump in the throat. Turned out to be GERD. I'm taking my Nexium and all is better. Fred (4 replies)
... I have also have alot of back pain, mostly in my upper left shoulder blade area right through to my chest, or visa versa. ... (6 replies)
... My back pain varies from the lumbar region to a little higher up. It's especially annoying at night, as I frequently wake up to pain. ... (6 replies)
... No back pain for me! Hope you find an answer. ... (6 replies)
... yes, i have major stomach problems, gerd, heartburn, and tons of back pain. Where precisely is your back pain? ... (6 replies)
... goes thru to my back in the same area. ... (0 replies)
... Hi all I have been under investigation for chest pain and gastritis. I am beginning to believe I may have a bad case of GERD as Pariet and Zantac combination is helping me. I am trying to put everything together. ... (2 replies)
... I have been diagnosed with a Hiatal Hernia and GERD. I also have had my Gall Bladder removed in March 2003. I still have right upper quadrant abdominal pain, back pain and almost constant heartburn. The one thing that seems to reduce the heartburn is eating. I always thought eating would make the heartburn worse. ... (0 replies)
Gerd - Nexium
Mar 12, 2004
... I've been getting headaches on prevacid, what is your back pain like ? ... (3 replies)
Gerd - Nexium
Mar 11, 2004
... I Was Diagnosed With Gerd. I Have Bad Pain In The Upper Part Of My Stomach. Coughing..nasal Drip..back Pain..the Chest Pain I Get From The Gerd And From Coughing. My Esophagus Feels Like It Spasms Sometimes Too.. I Just Started Taking Nexium. I Have Had A Small Headache. ... (3 replies)
... our questions I've have blood tests for heart, heart cath, echo, stress thalium a few months back. My cardiologist in the past 20 years has known about my chest pain and upper back pain and has done numerous tests. ... (8 replies)
... Keep an eye on the esophagus to make sure the GERD doesn't progress. Maybe Nexium is not the right one for you? ... (5 replies)
... hi.i am 39 years old male. about 3 weeks ago i started having severe gastric pain just above my navel below the rib cage. i also have back pains at the same time. i was having slight fever for a week and have lost my appetite and lost 14 lbs in 2 weeks. i feel bloated all the time. ... (0 replies)
... Is it back related, or stomach related? ... (2 replies)
... like feeling in my stomach. It goes away or subsides after eating but an hour or two later it's back again. ... (0 replies)

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