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... and I actually feel better, still in discomfort but guess I'm not fatal yet if I can forget the pain for awhile. I ate a turkey sandwich and drank an ensure but I think thats it for me for the day. Did you lose weight with your problem? ... (10 replies)
... for years for gerd and the doctor thinks I have ibs also. Now I have a gnawing, sometimes burning pain in my upper abdomen and left side abdomen but the worst pain is in my back. ... (10 replies)
... er spasms off and on for ten years. I also had a small nodule on my liver when I had a hysterectomy 6 years ago. Just recently, I've been having that gallbladder pain again under the right ribcage that's been lasting for hours and days at a time. My kidneys have been aching too. The nausea is almost unbearable. ... (0 replies)

... I was having severe pain in my stomach , mostly at night or thru the nighttime several hours, terrible gut ache. All night long, and finally after several hours it would let up. ... (1 replies)
... Hello , I can see that sometimes it is difficult to express the condition / sensation clearly . I saw the following from another thread :"the pain feels like a strange sort of pressure from the inside - like something is trying to push its way out of my abdomen because there is not enough space for everything to fit " , OR "not in any particular pain, it's more of a... (13 replies)
... t for the abdominal mri and the barium enema with xrays.Wouldnt be any point in them doing a barium enema cause i have ibs already.Ive had ibs since i was 17,and gerd in my early 20s,this pain is alot different than the symptoms from both those problems.Some tests they've repeated,and bloodwork that seems to never end. ... (34 replies)
... but now the left sided "pressure from the inside" is back under my ribs. ... (6 replies)
... Recently, I have been suffering with this dull pain in my left side and back that wraps around my underarm. It mostly bothers me at night while I am trying to sleep. Six months ago I had my GB removed. ... (0 replies)
... lightheadedness, etc. Naturally, I was worried about my heart, so I went to the ER. EKG was normal, so they sent me home. But the pains continued, and I ended up back in the ER time and time again. ... (5 replies)
... goes all the way up into the sinuses and burns them. You might not feel it, but trust me, it is happening!!!! You might notice very white sinus drainage in the back of your throat, or feel like one passage is blocked. ... (5 replies)
GERD and Surgery..
Nov 29, 2004
... Mrs. LaFave ~ The previous poster is right about not putting off the surgery. If your Barrett's has changed in a short time period, do not put off a surgery that will potentially save your life. Not all surgical outcomes are bad, and you may breeze through with little of the trouble that's been posted. In my fundo story, I just wanted to be up front with you so that you... (14 replies)
... a in check, when these proton pump inhibitors are taken they can get a little out of control and lead to major digestive problems. do some research and get that back in order and maybe that will resolve that aspect of your problem. ... (6 replies)
... I too used to have that problem with the pain in the back. I used to sleep with a heating pad too. try some magnesium. ... (6 replies)
... i get pain under my ribs and it wraps around the back under the back ribs also, but it's on my right side. what side is yours on? ... (6 replies)
... I've had GERD for a couple of years and have been taking Prevacid. For the past month, I've had pain in the area of my stomach and some back aches, which come and go. My doctor, an internist, is convinced that the Prevacid isn't working for me now and has prescribed Nexeum, which is stronger. ... (6 replies)
... can you be so kind to please describe the back pain you have felt, it scares me. ... (5 replies)
... chocked up to a bad bout with greasy food. However, the "gnawing" began again and another bout with sausage and a days later a muffin, of being doubled over in pain and tears. I began to think this was something more. ... (5 replies)
... iday night , and discharged on Sunday 11am, The operation went well, The surgeon had outlined the possible after effects of the surgery, such as gas bloat, chest pain due to traped air, etc, and he gave me a run down on the post op eating requirements. ... (4 replies)
GERD and Surgery..
Aug 31, 2004
... shoulder area. However, one of the "classic" gall bladders symptoms is pain between the shoulder blades even though your GB tests may have been "normal. ... (14 replies)
... Just some hints on coping, and hope you get back to feeling better! ... (4 replies)

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