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Mastic gum
Nov 14, 2013
... DGL routine to help with my GERD and gastritis. ... (0 replies)
Mastic Gum
Feb 11, 2011
... Since you have already started mastic gum, I suggest you go at least 2 weeks before coming to any conclusions. Also, make sure you take a broard spectrum probiotic supplement before bed time. ... (6 replies)
Mastic Gum
Feb 11, 2011
... Harry, i have read alot of your replies having to do with Mastic Gum. Let me tell my story and see if it relates to any of your experiances. ... (6 replies)

... hali, I am sorry about your familie's condition-- it is probably a geneic problem or an immune system aliment since 80% of immune problems are caused by your gastrointestinal system. Having gastritis for 40 years evidentently has not responded to the doctors treatment that you have been given. Some people don't respond to proton pump inhibitors or anti-acid medications... (4 replies)
... I also began taking it as an extra supplement by itself recently, along with nexium and mastic gum. ... (39 replies)
... Ok I typed this out and it seems very long, so I let me provide a bulleted version: * overall shape: 33 year old male, healthy weight, healthy diet. No smoking. * symptoms: sour taste after eating anything at all; chills associated with eating and BMs. If NOT taking antacids, I feel hunger much sooner after eating (meal size being constant). Throat tightness after eating... (12 replies)
Manuka Honey
Aug 23, 2006
... You have no idea - I've been to at 7 doctors over the past ten years and two of them are digestive/gastro specialists. I've had 5 scopes all showing chronic gastritis and nothing else. No GERD. no bacteria, no ulcer. The burning is constant; hardly ever lets up. I actually hold a pillow to my stomach when I go to bed and I seldom sleep through the night. One doctor... (6 replies)
... I have some stomach pain but it isn't the main problem. It's mostly this weird pressure in my chest and throat and I'm finding that I am now hoarse! Do you mind if I ask, what was your diagnosis? Did they do an endoscopy? I just had the endo done and he said I have inflammation of my esophagus and stomach and gastritis. What is DGL? Thank you again for your... (9 replies)
... I tried every presciption drug my drs could think of for acid, they all made me worse. the only thing that has helped me was switching to a coffee for ppl with acid/ gerd etc. not eating butter, mayo, sause, chocolate, spicy foods and when its bad I mix up baking soda with water. I had and still do stomach pain are you just having heartburn or both? oh ya..DGL helped a... (9 replies)
... mag and a b complex, then another just magnesium in the late afternoon and another acidophillus and mastic gum and magnesuim at nite before bed. If I intend to eat something that I know may cause problems, I take a zantec before and thats it. ... (3 replies)
Question for Harry
Jul 17, 2004
... Harry, I know you've taken mastic gum in the past (read all your posts) and if you've already answered this, I apologize...I started taking it about 3 days ago for what I think is hpylori or an ulcer, I have the classic symptoms and figured it couldn't hurt for a couple weeks and if it doesn't work I could visit my doc, except he tells me everything is IBS!! The question is,... (2 replies)
Apr 20, 2004
... I guess I would say that I have all the symptoms that you do, with the urgency and frequency along with pain. I also have digestive problems, and am on Nexium, mastic gum, and DGL for those. Did you read the boards about magnesium being a miracle supplement for digestive problems like gerd? ... (10 replies)
... Thanks, Mary: I truly believe in prayer, and that God provides natural means to get well from these digestive diseases. I am reading "Cut REactions" by Dr. Raphael Kellman & am trying to follow his program of diet & supplements to try to heal the underlying cause, while he PPi supresses symptoms. He says patients can be weaned from the PPIs following his program. Mastic, DGL &... (6 replies)

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