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... Harry, I saw one of your old messages about your wife being diagnosed with nutcracker esophagus about 3 years ago? ... (3 replies)
Feb 13, 2007
... Harry -- I read the link you referred me to and I'm so excited. Yours is the first message or note I have ever seen regarding "nutcracker esophagus". This is what my gastro doctor thinks I have, and after reading everything I can on the internet, I'm convinced of that too. The chest pains (think it's the esophagus on the left) is causing it. You had an old note back in... (5 replies)
... not positive that is what I have unless I get the esophagus test, but gastro doctor thinks that is what it is. I also think maybe this H Pylori infection in the stomach has not cleared up. Maybe that's my big problem. ... (3 replies)

... Ladyblker, The symptoms that my wife has with Nutcracker Syndrome is that the throat closes and she would get choked when swallowing and food would not go up or down and during this time her entire esophgus would be hurting. It only happened when eating -- or swallowing anthing -- sometimes even water. There has never been any continuous pain or discomfort! The diagnosis... (3 replies)
... My wife was diagnosed with Nutcracker syndrome about 7 years ago and would choke when swallowing food or pills mostly but not all the time. ... (2 replies)
... to all but pulverize my meds to get them down. It took so much testing to even get a diagnosis and as soon as I got it I also found out I have colon cancer. The esophagus problem was put on hold while I had surgery on my colon and the offending portion cut out and resectioned. ... (2 replies)
... For those of you that had your gallbladders out despite a "normal" HIDA scan, what other markers did you see? Abnormal blood tests and if so which areas? Gallstones? Did they remove based on symptoms only? I am coming up with mostly normal tests (except for slightly elevated total bilirubin) yet I am sick most of the time. The total bilirubin is the first clue to the... (21 replies)
... I went through several endoscopies and a Ph monitoring test, all normal except for a small hiatal hernia. Upper GI showed constant reflux, Manometry indicated nutcracker esophagus. Developed about 30 food allergies indicated by blood work. ... (5 replies)
... thx. for posting; do u know with a reversal if the original hiatal hernia returns?; i am 10 months post op hernia repair and got talked into partial tummy wrap that i just don't think i needed; can't eat and live on shakes; my nausea is daily, intolerable, extreme and debililtating with intense stomach pains and forget swallowing as things get stuck; i either need an undo or a... (20 replies)
... Thanks for the info on nutcracker esophagus, I will definitely be asking the GI doctor and other surgeons about that. ... (20 replies)
... considered normal. But if you have such a very low score, it may be that your LES is too active, which can also cause digestive problems. It's sometimes called nutcracker esophagus. Don't know that much about it, but I've met someone who has it. ... (20 replies)
Mastic Gum
Jun 15, 2008
... Sir.. Symtoms are similar for me except my upper right chest area.. you speak of mastic gum...pb-8.. I am Male 46 diagnosed h-pylori...on 10..same inflamation Any ideas suggestions are most welcome... Frank of NJ (25 replies)
Mastic Gum
Mar 9, 2007
... I know you mentioned one time your wife was diagnosed with nutcracker esophagus, but I don't remember what you said she did for it. ... (25 replies)
I need help
Feb 18, 2007
... Have any of these doctors mentioned the possibility of using oral steroidal medicines or steroidal injections to eliminate any inflammation in the muscles that might be resistant to the use of OTC meds like Ibuprofen? When the situation is appropriate the results can seem almost miraculous. (15 replies)
... Did she hurt all the time? Mine doesn't seem to be relieved with anything any more. I'm trying the magnesium. But it's worse about 2 hours after I eat anything, doesn't matter how soft it is. Anyway, have a follow-up with gastro doctor after HIDA scan on Friday. I guess I'll have to have that motility test too. (3 replies)
... he will test me for that later, but I understand the test for pressure on the esophagus is not a comfortable test. I've tried Prevacid. Only seems to make it worse. ... (9 replies)
I need help
Feb 7, 2007
... t does sound a lot like my problems. He plans on doing that test that measures how well the functions if nothing else helps. I'm beginning to believe it is the esophagus because the pains only come after I eat. I have reached a point I'm afraid to eat knowing the pains will return. ... (15 replies)
... and am seeing the chemo Dr tomorrow . Anyway I called for the results of the manometry on my esophagus and I have something called Nutcracker Esophagus. They are supposed to be calling me back with an appointment with the Gastroentologist. ... (7 replies)
... Thank you , Harry, I am going to try all this. I take calcium now 1200 mgs plus D daily as I have Osteoporosis too. I will get the magnesium. I have taken magnesium before to help this and it did not work for me. I will try again though and I will get the homeopathic remedy by mail order as I live in rural Texas and there is nowhere to get it here ! I'm sorry your wife has... (2 replies)
... Thanks, Twisten. I surely need all the help I can get. I also have Nutcracker Esophagus so I can barely eat. I tell you when it rains it pours. Thanks again. ... (9 replies)

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