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... anything, just feel a normal full if that makes sense. I have a normal and decent bowel movement every day or every other day. It doesn't matter if I just eat a salad for my only supper or eat a steak and potato. It never does it after a certain meal or even the same days. ... (0 replies)
... why does salad cause diarrhea (1 replies)
... ad and glad to see the replies, especially the one about the solution they soak the salads in. I will tell you that my GI doctor told me to please stay away from salad bars, especially in the summer when it's transported in the heat. Honestly, I will never go to a salad ar myself. ... (10 replies)

... ve been scheduled to have my gallbladder taken out soon. I have recently developed a problem with salad. I went to a rib place with my family and thought that a salad would be the safest way to go for my stomach. Turns out, the salad gave me a huge attack. Ever since then, every time I try to eat salad, I can't. ... (10 replies)
... I had something similiar happen when me and my husband went to Rib Crib about a week ago. I had a big salad and had some ribs and green beans and a little potatoe salad. As soon as I got home I had uncontrollable diarrhea and bad stomach pains. ... (10 replies)
... Some salad bars spray or soak the lettuce and other vegetables in a solution to keep them from wilting and turning colors. ... (10 replies)
... Salad does the same thing to me. I have IBS and try not to eat too many salads. (10 replies)
... Salads mess me all up now too. But no one has been able to tell me what's wrong with me either. So I just stay away from them. If the pain has been there for a couple of days though, I'm not sure that's just from the salad. (10 replies)
... On both Saturday and Sunday I ate a huge salad from a salad bar. I also ate a lot of blueberries and an oatmeal cookie before bed. ... (10 replies)
... Iíll try to make this as short as I can while still being descriptive. It started 3-4 months ago. I got violently ill. Vomiting mostly with an extremely debilitating pain starting in the left side, but radiating across entire stomach at a bit above the belly button in intervals of about 10 seconds of pain then just the sharp pain in the side. The strange thing about this... (8 replies)
... Well, that Greek salad will be a killer. Roughage is not good to eat with diarrhea. Nor are fatty foods other than possibly cheese as it tends to constipate you. ... (1 replies)
Jun 26, 2014
... Hi there, welcome to the forum- I am so sorry you have to be here though, 3 years is way too long to have been in pain! I am so glad you are going to be getting an Ultrasound scan soon, as this is the first test in determining if you have gallstones(which can happen with pregnancy) and also can detect sludge in the gallbladder. The next step would be a HIDA scan to determine... (2 replies)
... I had HORRIBLE stabbing pain that came on instantly. I felt like my blood sugar dropped, I felt a bit like passing out- I thought I was hungry.. Made a small salad, ate and laid down. Couldn't get back up for 4 hours. HORRIBLE stabbing pain! Hard to take a deep breath in. Pain was just under my right rib on my right side/slightly toward the front. I could tell it wasn't... (2 replies)
... hours after I ate ANYTHING. I could eat a salad and still feel terrible. ... (0 replies)
... tely felt more cramping. Backed off and stuck to light things like rice and plain pasta. I managed to eat a plain hamburger one night with no trouble, but even a salad the next day started messing me up. Since then I have been eating very little and only light foods. ... (2 replies)
... quite often I'll have diarrhea in the mornings. ... (0 replies)
... This started 2 weeks ago w/an acute "attack." After I ate (steak & salad), got very bloated & had diarrhea. Since then, I've had occasional bouts of upper ab bloating, loose stools this whole time & rarely passing gas. This is uncommon for me as I'm usually a gassy person & have no troubles passing it. I am belching but rarely anything from the other end :( Went to Dr. She... (0 replies)
... You're not alone. I finally went to the doc when I couldn't get to the airport without Imodium. Although I test negative for lactose intolerance and celiac, I stopped almost all symptoms (gas, bloating, diarrhea) within a week after I stopped eating ALL diary, wheat, rice, potatoes and sugar. This restriction includes things that aren't supposed to contain lactose, like... (19 replies)
Sep 27, 2012
... at. I can not eat a full meal with out feeling very full and sick to my stomach. I gag but never throw up. I have lower stomach pain. Cramps sometime. Feels like diarrhea cramps. My stomach is my main problem. I do not eat anything dairy. I have been on probiotics and eating yogurt for a while now. Just not on them now. ... (0 replies)
... oblem for 29 years and learn how to cure myself. I like to know what been eating and that drinks you drink and what the story of your life that how you came This Diarrhea problem and Stomach problems. Just not worry of my age is 50 that I tell you the cause of that. ... (2 replies)

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