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Usually I'm the one helping with questions asked here but now I need help.

I got the letter stating SSDI requires I go see a local physician. I looked him up on the Arizona medical board site and he has a good record. There's one site where people can do free reviews and they were mixed so that doesn't help me know what he'll be like.

Interestingly he's an internist though my problems are more orthopedic in nature.

Any idea what he'll be asking about, examining me for? I called the office to confirm the appointment and they said to only bring my picture ID and no medical records.
They just do a basic exam, kind of like a physical. I was sent to an internist too, I believe that is what SSA uses. It didn't last too long maybe 10-15 minutes. Actually the doctor they sent me too helped in my case. Best of luck to you and don't worry over it.
Did the doctor ask many questions? I'm wondering if I should be prepared for an "interview" as well as to what I do all day, etc.
Well, it's more like going to a regular doctor for the first time. They ask basic health history questions. Then check for range of motion and balance, reflexes. I was so nervous before, but I didn't have any reason to be. You also can call your ssa and have a copy of this doctors report sent to your regular doctor, who will share it with you so you know in advance what was reported.
Man I wish I could help you like you helped me. Is it your review? I mean how long have you had ssdi? Your so smart and have it all together I bet you will do fine. Its back to that not knowing again but that other reponse seems to really know because she has been thru it. I would think you should take your on medical records with you. And like she said let your family DR. know. And get that DR's notes. please keep us posted I really wish I could help you. You deserve someone like your self to help you.
I went to the same kind of exam last month. You don't bring your medical records, but they did ask for a list of my medications, which I always carry with me. My husband went in the exam room with me, because sometimes I lose my balance. He examined me all over. Checked range of motion in arms, legs, etc...
I had to lay on exam table and he examined my stomach, and again checked the legs. He did ask allot of questions about my health, so be prepared. You might want to go over your SSDI application that you first filled out.
I also had a Psyche. examine 2 weeks after the physical, because of the idea that allot of people are affected emotionally when they deal every day with pain from their illness. I haven't heard anything from them yet. Main thing is just relax, and be truthful. If you have pain when you try to do something, just say so.
I applied for SSDI a few months ago. Then got the paperwork (activities, educational and work history, etc). Then a note about needing the records from my physical therapist and my prior pain doctor. Thank goodness my attorney could get the records from my prior pain doctor as he died unexpectedly this summer at age 51 and his office is overwhelmed with records requests. I had changed pain doctors in 09 to try a different approach so I was lucky in that I already had a new doctor when Dr. K unfortunately died (he was such a nice guy it even brought tears to my eyes).

So Saturday I got the letter from SS telling me to see the doctor on Friday the 15th (thankfully I have no other plans or appointments that day). My attorney rep says this is a good sign. They have not denied me yet which often happens and then on appeal they often send someone to an exam.

Before opening the envelope I figured it may already be a request for a psychological exam since in theory they have two PM doctors information and two Orth Spine Surgeons notes. OR, maybe a NS or other OSS, but it's an internal medicine doctor.

He graduated med school in 1994. Going with the theory that he went to med school right after college it makes him younger than I am (I am 44) which can be good (as he's not a semi retired doctor who isn't truly in practice any more) or it can be bad (as in him not seeing why someone of my age would be disabled).

What worries me is a physical exam won't show much beyond the scars. The pain is the primary problem and the back surgery helped but did not resolve all of it and I may have more neck surgery in 6 months. I look okay, I don't need a cane or help ambulating, etc. I hope to be able to slip in that "I'm glad this appointment was in the afternoon as I have to take pain meds in the morning which preclude me from driving for at least half the day in most cases"

Just a couple of comments regarding your upcoming exam. First, you can request assistance in transportation to/from the Dr.s office. I no longer drive due to the side effects of the pain medications I take and SS provided me transportation (taxi) as the exam fell on a workday for my husband. SS arranged for payment and pickup times, all I had to do was to be ready at my front door.

Secondly, I too have spinal pain issues as the main reason for my disability and have not had spinal surgery. I too was worried that the examiner would not pick up on this during the exam as I do not have problems ambulatating and do not use any assistance (cane). Obviously it must not have been an issue as I was awarded on my first try just a month after the physical and mental (depression from chronic pain) exams.

The only "problem" I encountered with the physical exam was with the results from my latest MRI that I took to the exam on the request of my assigned SSDI case worker. The doc refused to look at the findings saying that SSI rules dictate that he cannot look at, or consider any information that was not provided to him directly from SSI. Even though the SSI case worker requested that I provide him with the report as the MRI results had just been received a few days prior to my exam I'll never know if the doc ever saw them. The doctor made me feel like I had done something illegal despite providing him with the SSDI examiner's name and phone number if he had any questions. Just a "heads up" as after this experience I wouldn't take any info/test results, etc. to the appointment even though it was SSDI that had requested me to do so.

Good luck, I'll be watching for you to post your results!

Man your so knowledgable (misspelled) anyway I really thought you had been thru this process and you were up for review. My husband had to go to a ss Dr. and we took his MRI's. CT scan op report and all the Dr's records we ordered our self he was so Glad he seemed and said he was so thankful to have those on hand we also have his nerve test . We were not in there very long at all. He was really nice I know if that if he is any thing like my husband DR. you'll be fine. My communtity Dr. told me at one time he was thinking about doing work for ss. But he also told me a lot of people that come to the clinic really didn't need ssdi or ssi. I felt a sick feeling in my stomach when he said that because I fell for anyone who put their self in the position of apply for ssdi needs ssdi. Thank- God up above he really believeed I needed along with my husband. Good luck to you please keep us informed please. I think your lawyer is right its a good sign and with all you back problems You'll get thru this fine. My husband got approved in 6 months but after he went to the Dr. it went really Quick. You'll see. I'll be praying for you. It took me 7 months and I have c/p the meds I take make me like I'm in a fog all the time. If I dont take them I spasm all the time without them. Good Luck keep that great confinace and knowledge that you tell people people on this board your great and a very kind person to help so many I hope it works for you. I would go back and read what great things you have told people and just see how many people you have helped. Without your support I mean to tell you I probly would given up and I only had to wait 7 months so I'm here to tell you my family thanks you very much.
I totally agree. Leave all your medical tests at home. I had a lower lumbar back fusion in July, so I completely understand about the pain. I have been on Lortab 10 mg, Neurontin 1,000 mg, and a bunch of other things since last November. I also have been on work comp since Nov. when I fractured a vertebrae in the thoracic region. I loved my job in the government where I was making 40,000 a year, but haven't been able to work since last November.
If you can have someone else drive you to your appoint, do so, because they will probably ask how you got there. Don't tell them what you can do, tell them what you can't do, and be honest. If you can't raise your leg without allot of pain, tell him so.
Reading the other post about taking your test result , It just goes to show you every Dr. is different and every case is different I would take them and wait and see if he ask for them. Are ask your lawyer he may of seen people that had gone to that dr. sometimes lawyer know. I'm hope I'm making since. God Bless you and good Luck.
Wow, it seems everybody had much more detailed exams than I did. My problems are ortho related (DJD and DDD with nerve involvement) but also had to have an Internal Med exam also. What's funny is my own doctor is an Internal Med specialist.

My exam lasted all of 10 min and was cursory, at best. I had to take all my prescription bottles in a bag. After taking a brief family history and asking a couple of questions about my limitations, I had to try to walk heel to toe, walk on my toes, walk on my heels, stand with legs together and twist to one side then the other. The I had to sit in the chair and try to lift each leg straight out then bend it at the knee as much as I could. Then for each hand I had to squeeze a metal hand grip that had a gauge on it (the gauge was turned toward him so I couldn't see it). Then he wanted to see me walk. I had about a 3 ft space to do this in. He wanted me to squat but I told him I absolutely couldn't do that. Then he ordered knee xrays.

That was it. There was no hands-on exam at all. Never touched me. The man's butt never left the seat of his chair.

I applied for disability April 30, 2010. Had the Internal Med exam and a Mental exam Sept 10. My case has been in Quality Review since Sept 25. Still waiting for a decision.

Good luck, Spine. I'll be waiting to read how your exam went.
I live in Northern Az near Prescott and I just got a letter on Saturday for a ss medical exam on 10/18/10. My letter states this apt will include a mental exam and the Dr who i am seeing is a ph.d I do have lower back problems but my main problem is bleeding in the small bowel I have had this problem for over 2 1/2 years so I had to also fill out the paperwork about my work history for the past 15 years. My main Dr is a digestive disease disorder Dr not just a gastro Dr. I applied for ss in June and got denied the first go around, one of medications that i take for severe pain is dilaudid (nasty stuff) but it works. I was told that my type of problem is very rare, my problem is not fixable nor curable, here is what i have to look forward to.. if i have a active bleed that is very heavy and i start to feel light headed or just not right i need to go to the ER stat, cause i could bleed to death. I have an active bleed at least once to twice a month and i never know when it will happen after 2 1/2 years it still scares me to death to see blood coming from somewhere it is not suppose to be coming from (rectal bleeding) i have other symptoms with this problem but the list is very long.. I would love for the people who make the descions on who can get ss and who can not could live in our bodies for 1 week and endure what each one of us goes thru on a daily basis. So good luck with your exam and pls keep us updated cause your exam is right before mine and i would like to know what to expect. Also does anyone know if I should take my meds before my exam???
My letter from SS told me to call the doctor's office to confirm the appointment. I did and at that time the woman said "you need only bring your picture ID and a list of your current medications". I typed up a list and included my pain meds and meds for other stuff as well (thyroid, cholesterol, etc). I'm in north central Phoenix and the doctor they chose is about 10 minutes from me and an easy drive. I have to drive or I don't know what I'd do. When possible I make appointments for early afternoon so my pain meds can kick in and I'll be able to drive 4 hours later and then put off further meds until I get home.
My letter also stated that I need to confirm my appt 72 hrs in advance, I live approx 25 minutes from where this dr is in prescott, but i am unable to drive when I am on my pain meds, so thank goodness my husband will be home. that is a great idea to type out all the meds I think I i will do the same thing and just hand them to the dr, again good luck with your appt. and keep us updated,
I'm lost on this website. Thankfully I found a post from you. I don't understand how to start my own post but maybe you could just help me. I was wounded in combat in 2007 while serving in Iraq. I am 80% disabled. And Iam getting V.A comp. I have a full time job but can't handle.the long 12 hour shifts any more. It is to physically demanding. I have T.B.I./ P.T.S.D/ joint desease, chronic migraine headaches. And a list of other problems. I tried to apply for ssd in 2008 but was denied. My friend who was in Iraq with me was injured the same day and has the same problems was awarded his in 2009 and got back pay for two years. I have recently tried again to get social security disability but now Iam denied because I have a job. Please help me Wat do I do?
After talking to my husband he did have to do like shado1021 I remmber he almost fell . If you have your records just keep them with you just in case if the dr brings it up you will have them if not then no harm done at least you will have them if you need them good luck.
[I][CENTER]All that will take place is-[/CENTER][/I] [I][LEFT]They will call you, back to go into the room- his nurse she'll get your weight, your height, and also will take your temp and blood pruser. You, will then be asked if you are taking any new meds or what you are taking at this time. Ask you questions as well- then the doctor will come in- he will also ask you questions as well, then they will do an exam too see if you are really disabled or not- they will then send the paper work down to the SSDD- to let them know what he found- you then will have a letter sent to you saying the info they found out and it will go from there...[/LEFT][/I]
[QUOTE=Theguy001;4343649]I'm lost on this website. Thankfully I found a post from you. I don't understand how to start my own post but maybe you could just help me. I was wounded in combat in 2007 while serving in Iraq. I am 80% disabled. And Iam getting V.A comp. I have a full time job but can't handle.the long 12 hour shifts any more. It is to physically demanding. I have T.B.I./ P.T.S.D/ joint desease, chronic migraine headaches. And a list of other problems. I tried to apply for ssd in 2008 but was denied. My friend who was in Iraq with me was injured the same day and has the same problems was awarded his in 2009 and got back pay for two years. I have recently tried again to get social security disability but now Iam denied because I have a job. Please help me Wat do I do?[/QUOTE]

You should have no problem to start a new post here since you have signed up to this site. I think at the top it says something like new post and go from their.
As for being a veteran, try to find a website called (veterans benefits network). They have outstanding info on how to file with the VA for disability and also how to file for SSDI benefits.
I did not know that site existed untill last week but wish I had found it back in 2007 when I filed for SSDI.
The vbn website will pretty much walk you through the steps for filing and also show you what paper work is needed and ect... and how to fill out the forms.
That site will be great to you if you are now filing a SSDI claim for the first time.
Hope that helps.
Good luck tommrow I'll be praying for you. Please let us know how things turned out. I'll keep my finger crossed for you friends jgrangran:)
How did it go at your Dr's apt?
I think it went okay.

Appt was 2 and I arrived around 1:50. As I sat there 2 other people came in holding SS papers. Saw the doc at 2:30. He asked the cursory questions of married, kids, etc. Then asked about surgeries (wish I had written them down as I think I missed a few). He didn't even want to touch my knee based on the MRI findings (grade 3-4 arthritis) and how hit looked but I had him feel the crepitus (crunch sound) at my request. Then I talked about how my limits include all those things that would allow we to work. I can't fly to customer locations any more or drive to them and he agreed that's out. I can't sit non stop for more than a few minutes, told him how in the waiting room I was sitting but constantly shifting position. And told him on days when I have to go beyond my abilities I suck it up and do it but pay for it later. He said he understood, looked at my med list and did comment "you seem to have a good attitude" I honestly said "my 55 year old cousin died from ALS Lou Gehrig's disease a month ago and if he can go through that I can live through pain and use the meds to make me more comfortable. I won't die from this, but he did and left his children and wife behind. He seemed struck by that, he said he sent one of his regular patients for an evaluation on Monday as he suspects, but didn't tell the patient, that it's ALS and the guy is in his 40's. So if i was reading him right, he's going to summarize that with my wealth of problems returning to work in any capacity is not likely. If he stresses the neck in that report I'll send that on to my private disability carrier who still has not made a decision on my claim because that policy excludes my low back BUT my neck is overwhelming. So right now I have my employer LTD, and hopefully SSDI will be approved and that means the employer LTD will continue and they'll just put my claim aside.

I am going to ask my primary care about genetic testing if there's a chance they'll see something that explains my gradual breakdown. I may have to pay for it but it may be worth it. Luckily I see my primary care doc this week for a check of my thyroid level as it was wacky last time.
Sound like it went well. I'll be praying for you I really think your get . Good luck with the rest of your wait maybe it will be quick. Please keep in touch
just a thought-when i went to my ssi exam(also an internist)he commented on my ability to organize,etc. so i wouldnt type the list of meds, just handwrite-do you know what i mean?-dont be surprised, the doctor may minimize your disabling medical claims-so dont give any positive ammo-my ssi dr did exactly that. But luckily the ssi exam made no impact as my judge went with my current treating doctors info/treatment; judge stated treating doctor' professional opinion is more consistant with my condition than the ssi consult

good luck tomorrow
I was honest and was "me". He did comment on my positive attitude and once I told him my cousin died after a couple year battle with ALS he had this stunned look and I said "how can I complain when he went through that". And the guy seemed to totally understand. I did give a typed list of medications, I told the receptionist I had to do it that way as I forget stuff when writing and if I type it I can look at it later and see if it's right. I just sent a note to a friend about 4 sentences long in a card and it took me 3 tries as I spelled stuff wrong which I never do. I told that to his receptionist and to him as well.
I think you were honest and you were your self. Just like you post things on this board your so helpful to so many people you really have a gift for explaining stuff even thought you think you might not. I also have a problem even typing things but it also seems like its getting worse. Your attuide is great . I have c/p and I always look at someone that is worse than I am and feel bad. maybe it is c/p guilt I do have my problems ,pain, mobility, joint issue, bone deformities, ect. but it helps to count my blessing because at least I can walk be it with a walker its not a wheel chair. Anyway enough of that. I looked at my husbands records when he went to the DR. and it was 30 days later he recieved an award notice so you don't have long. And I really think it is a good sign for you that they sent you to the DR. Good Luck to you Good Bless you and I will be praying for you.
good to hear from BB07 you were a good help to me also thanks.
Please let us know how things are going you schould hear something soon. I hope things are going well for you. thanks againg for the comments you give people it is very helpful. thanks
spineaz, your so good at answering people you have got a real talent.
Thanks jgrangran. I'm no longer working so I try to use my experience and knowledge and put it to work here :-)
hey spineaz-

my intent was surely not to discourage you, as i too feel you are knoble and have helped many, including myself-it's just that i have already been thru the process-and finally won fully favorable-but you must beware not to sound too brave'like when you mentioned your relatives' ordeal-you must state your disabilities to be just as profound or ss will interpret your positive attitude as not being disabled enough to qualify according to thier standards-you must continue to drive home how your life has changed in a negative way and affect all aspects of daily living. like you mentioned you cant sit but for short periods of time; and dont forget evan though you are medicated; you only get minimal relief; and you need help and cannot run your household anymore due to severe pain, etc. and how your meds disorient you, your memory is affected, havnt slept thru the nite for some time now-i am not putting words in your mouth just giving examples of what your life might be like-you must make clear how adversly your life has been affected, remember, you are claiming to be totally disabled and they(ss)will pick thru your words and descriptions of what it;s like to be you to find anything to say you are not totally disabled because you can still do this, this , and that-cuz believe me they will-remember they are out to state there are still jobs you can perform-so be very careful what you claim to them-they are not thier to help you win your disibility claim-but to disprove it-tell them about all the misery, etc.etc.etc.-i say these things to you because i care and want you win your claim. you must lose the positive attitude when dealing with ss-thats just what they look for so they can claim youare not totally disabled-i hope and pray you get my drift-and most importantly i am not telling you to lie-i believe you are totally disabled-but it's how you come across to them and i'm certain you know what i am getting at.


good luck

Yes, I did much of what you said. I pointed out all the things that made me unable to work at my prior jobs and at other jobs available for someone of my skills.

What happened is he said "you have a surprisingly good disposition about all this" so it was almost as if he thought I wasn't disabled based on how I came across. So that's when I mentioned my cousin. He seemed to understand. He said something to the effect of "well that certainly does put it in perspective even with all you have going on" The SS doc had a look on his face like he really got it. I wasn't cheery because I felt so well but because what I was undergoing in terms of surgery, pain and incapacity I was better off than my cousin.

I'm wondering when his report makes it to SS. I did sign the form so SS will send the report to my primary care doctor. I love my PCP but his staff is awful. Ideally I'd like him to contact me when it arrives so I can see it. But I may have to push past his staff.
hey you know maybe you dont have to deal with his staff at all; your atty will get a copy too. and those ss doctors. they smile in your face and say things like "oh yes, you couldnt possibly perforrm that job description and they make you feel like they are on your side, mine went as far as to tell me oh absolutely you are totally disabled and with my findings you should have no problem!! he LIED, and totally minimized my symptoms, evan though i had MRI's and other scientific studies proving why i was in so much distress-i was dumbfounded to say the least. But at my hearing my Judge thankfully saw past that and said the consulting ss doctor holds little weight and this patients treating doctors examinations and findings are more consistant with the patients condition and symtomology; and therfore did not enter the consulting ss dr's exam into evidence, after that she asked the VE given my limitations(cant sit,stand more than 15 min without exacerbating my pain, cant stoop,bend,carry more than 10lbs,cant lift arms above head,etc,etc,-are there any jobs or can this person be trained at another skill, and also given the fact this person requires the help of powerful medications just to function? VE stated an unequivacle "NO WAY, your honor. at that point the judge stopped the hearing and said she was granting me an On The Record Fully Favorable decision, and my accident date was 1/27/2007, but i didnt file until 7/2/2008-but she still granted my onset date as 1/27/2007. So evan though this whole process was so very sressful,I just prayed and prayed and knew God was with me, and if you are religous, evan if you are not believe God is with you also. So hang in there,i hope you have a much easier time than i had.

Best of wishes!!! Bonnie
SpineAz how are things going for you? Have you heard yet?? I'll be praing for you:angel:
I havent heard anything yet. I will follow up with the attorney probably in a few weeks. Right now no news is good news since at least it means no denial yet.
Thats true. I'll keep praying for you and everyone who files. Have a good day.

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