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[QUOTE=BlindMom;4963361]I get SSDI due to being legally blind. However, I really did like working, just couldn't anymore because, well, secretaries need to see :)

My question is this - what happens if you do get retraining, and go back to work? I've looked this up and get so confused, so maybe I am overthinking it. But do you continue to get your SSDI, the full amount, as long as you do not go over the monthly allowed income earning limit? Or do you stay on SSDI for x amount of months, even if you earn less than your SSDI, or whatnot?[/QUOTE]

My son is soon to be 21 and has a diagnoses of Mental Retardation. He receives disabled adult child benefits on my husband's record and when his income from working is not to much a small amount from SSI. His last year of high school he went to a special program that helps find disabled children jobs. The Sheltered Workshop was a perfect fit for him. It is confusing to figure it all out however if you do decide to do some retraining most of those programs are great at making sure you the client understand how retraining and returning to work will effect not just your SSDI but any other programs you may have such as extra help from medicare for drugs, snap benefits, housing. The limits for someone who is blind is higher so if you use the limits for someone who is not blind you should be fine. You are correct in that as long as you do not make over SGA (substantial gainful activity) you get to keep your full SSDI benefits. The trail work period is what makes it confusing for some it has lower limits and runs a long period of time folks get confused thinking if I work more than the trail work period amounts I lose it all. Do a google search for new york makes work pay. It has tons of information on what happens when someone returns to work .

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