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... Sure you don't have to have a set a side ,but don't expect SS to pay for your injury down the road cause they won't . ... (78 replies)
... c I would not be able to get medicare because SSA is getting tired of paying medical for folks who settled their claim. ... (78 replies)
... This one wasn't really sure on anything and kept asking other attorneys. My main concern is the cost of surgery and rehab vs what they stated they came up with for the set aside. ... (78 replies)

... I can tell you this from experience....I had to show all the paper work for my WC Settlement to the SS Office when I applied for SSD. Also, since mine was a back injury, I got a letter from the SS Office stating that they would not be responsible or pay for anything back related on me. ... (17 replies)
... c to come up with a figure on a settlement . SO I want to be sure I'll have some type of medical insurance for future cost . We could use the settlement money to pay off our outstanding bills that has built up since my injury. ... (78 replies)
... A set aside only has to do with the medical portion of WC. Some do a set aside, some keep their medical open for life, some keep their medical open for 6 months , 1 year, 2 years. All cases are different. The point I was making was that you do not need to have to be on SSD to settle a WC claim. ... (78 replies)
... issue I want to clear up is that you do not need to be on SSD and Medicare to settle a WC claim. You do need to be on medicare to have a set aside which is only for medical use on your injury. I'm not sure where the info came from that in order to settle a WC claim you need to so a set aside first but it isn't true. ... (78 replies)
... Chris54, You did very well in explaining about SSD and w/c. I have a question , maybe you can help? If SSD and W/C both decide you will not be returning to work, can w/c stop payments and try and make a person settle or force a person to settle if they will not be returning to work? Any advice appreciated. Thank You. BeHappy2 I'd appreciate any advice you have on... (78 replies)
... If you go to Soc Sec's office they should be able to explain the ramifications of applying for Soc Sec Disability before settlement. There may be a good reason why your atty doesn't want you to do that, but I have no idea what it is, why not ask him. ... (78 replies)
... Keep up the fight! They are just trying to wear you down. I love your fighting spirit. I am going to keep a close eye on your posts. You deserve a fair settlement and then some. ... (78 replies)
... Here's the thing : The demand we set is for the w/c to leave on 2 years of medical care so I wouldn't need medicare until that 2 years run out. I wonder then how it would work ? I appreciate your help. Shawley (78 replies)
... aside Account. This is basically a medical savings account that you can control how it is invested. Medicare will pay for your general medical issues right away, but for the first 2 years anything dealing with your wc injury comes out of the set aside account. ... (78 replies)
... time of settlement, all benefits will stop from WC and SSD will be your monthly income, if you are approved. Both WC and SSD will calculate what you can receive for disability, based on a percentage of your earnings while working. ... (78 replies)
... but in the end, his WC payments stopped on settlement of case, he rec'd a lump sum payment, Medicare Set Aside Acct for a specific amount for work related injury treatment only and that's it. ... (78 replies)
... C and SSD. I have for three years now. They reduce the SSD. ... (78 replies)
... I'll try to explain what I know through my husband's case. Injured on the job. Back injury requiring two disks to be removed. ... (10 replies)
... I'm surprised they would give you the money and get back from you. Most people would have spent it. Then again they just stop your checks from my experience. ... (32 replies)
... I'm in the process of waiting to get a hearing date myself. Right after filing my claim at the beginning, I was scheduled for exams by SS's medical dr. and shrink, both of which were the biggest joke. ... (4 replies)
... c stops the temporary payments. The full settlement minus attorney fees, if any, will be yours. They do not reduce for disability retirement from your employer either. ... (2 replies)
Help with W/C
Nov 5, 2007
... If you aren't ready to return to work, then I would see the attorney for at least a consultation. Once you settle they are finished with you. They can tell you anything, but if not in the order, it means nothing. ... (7 replies)

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