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... When I got my approval letter social security moved my date of onset to a year later. It did not say a partial approval at all, they just did it. I think i could of still appealed the decision , but I was just happy to get approved and left it alone. Unfortunately when this happens you can lose some of your backpay . (16 replies)
... Partially favorable type approvals do happen. It may mean that SS doesn't agree.with the stated date of disability. For example I have applied with an April 2009 disability date and had spine surgery February 2010. ... (16 replies)
... Here is my next dumb question of the week: I have read about those who are denied and those who are approved & they have mentioned 'fully favorable'. Is there such a thing as 'partially favorable'? What is the differences between FF and PF or whatever the other term/s would be? Can you get an approved without benefits/money? How is this determined and what is it... (16 replies)

... I can stay on LTD until age 67 if they determine I continue to meet the definition of disability. Right now they do a full claim review every 6 mo and I hope to get that eventually to annually. I have an attorney so I don't contact SSDI directly and don't know who my SS contact would be. I leave all contact and action to the attorney (I'm in AZ but atty is in Boston MA). The... (16 replies)
... supportive, provide what is needed, agree I'm totally disabled at 45, but SS doesn't see it that way. Luckily I have my Long Term Disability benefits to get me through. If awarded SSDI it's deducted from LTD. It's important for my LTD claim for me get SSDI. ... (16 replies)
... This is what really angers me. The college kids thinking they can collect disability becasue they cannot find work. this is a big problem. ... (25 replies)
... no jobs at this time. Also if these kids getting out of collage and trying to get on ssdi or ssi are mostly saying that they have some mental issues or they have fibromyalgia or back problems if you look at there profile its like they copy and pasted into there own profile because they mostly read the same. ... (25 replies)
... legal disability issues? ... (0 replies)
... Hi Dadsangel! I live in Ontario, Canada. Hope all is going well with CPP disability claim. It's a long road to get it but don't give up. I started receiving it just over 2 years ago, but had a 2 year battle to get it. ... (5 replies)
... Good Morning, My CPP application is a little confusing as far as making enough contributions as I stayed home for 8 yrs looking after my kids etc... I applied due to Depression, Suicidal, Severe sleep apnea, mild COPD, Fibromyalgia, Osteoporosis in back and neck, IBS , Memory problems. I am 45 yrs old. My health has gotten worse since 2008 when I had a non-cancerous tumor... (5 replies)
... if you have to go and ssdi ssdi doctor don't exaggerate these people are trained to spot out people who are over playing there symptoms i have herd of people who did that thinking that it would help there case but the ssdi doctor rejected there claim and told ssa that you can work so you see how it backfired also get a lawyer after you have been turned down the first time. (18 replies)
... e fact that you are totally disabled and go to court with you ask him if he will fill out a RFC form its a form that ask about your daily activities and how your disability keeps you from doing things.Also make sure that your medical records are up to date because if there are lapses it puts up a red flag. ... (6 replies)
... yes I applied May of this year. My cardiologist is backing me up and I have many medical records. I have been diganosed with Postural Othrostatic Tachycardia Syndrome,Sleep Apnea,Cervical Stenosis,IC,IBS,Depression,Anxiety, and Fibromyalgia. I will post how after the exam. (6 replies)
... eight myself. My LTD carrier required me to fill one out also. Good medical records and a supportive doctor are the two best things you can have in any claim for disability IMO. ... (12 replies)
... I have filed for disability and I have filled a forum(not sure what it's called) on what I cook,what do I do everyday,do I take care of anyone...etc...etc. Also the forum that was to be filled out by someone close to me has also been sent in. Now I don't feel like enough was said about my disabilites and why I cannot work. My question is would it be too much if I were to type... (12 replies)
... My illness is recurring and remiting. Sometimes much worse than others but never feel great. Also have secondary things happen from it. For instance I was hospitalized last summer for cellulitis from a fall and then spent 4 months in outpatient wound care.A few years ago got pnemonia and hospitalized after being on a strong immune suppresant drug. Additionally when tired and... (8 replies)
... In your situation, lupus does not go away. Fibro is always a little iffy AFA disability is concerned. ... (6 replies)
... I am new here. I had a question about the wording of my disability approval paperwork. It states that my conditions should improve with continued treatment and that my case will be reviewed in March 2011. ... (6 replies)
... It does not matter how much your spouse makes. Getting disability is for you not your spouse. I assume it is true for all states,I live in NC. They gage your pay from your previous 3 year work history. ... (11 replies)
... No you're not to young at all. You can apply for Social Security Disability BUT you will have to quit your job because if SSD sees that you're working then they will say no to you. Does your husband work? ... (3 replies)

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