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... Celexa, I was put on Wellbutrin. My therapist put me on one or another, not both. I don't really think she needs to be on both as they serve the same purpose. Xanax is for anxiety. It would make sense to have her on Xanax whle on Wellbutrin since a known side effect of Wellbutrin is anxiety. ... (13 replies)
... me anymore so i should find another dr i only been seeing him for 3 mos so i found another dr so now i have to ween off my celexa but i still have refills on my xanax and i never over take and i never abuse them so as long as you only take as needed you wont get hooked anyway thats what i was told . ... (4 replies)
... Dear Tmom.... CHANGE DOCTORS AGAIN. Get your Mom OFF CELEXA! :blob_fire That one has so many potentially BAD side effects, I have enough information from PDRs to believe it is this drug that caused her to "faint". The others, if she is NOT allergic to them, are known to be very safe for WOMEN. Did the ER Doc stop the celexa BEFORE prescribing something new---I... (13 replies)

... When are you going into detox? I have been there. But hopefully in the hospital they will make the detox a little smoother as long as they are not the kind of hospital that never wants to give you anything. I hated that. (22 replies)
... that ever felt like it worked for me was Valuim and that only lasted about a month and then it stopped.. The klinopin didnt work I was on .05 mgs and the 1 mg of xanax doesnt help either seems like I just take it to take it.. wish I knew of a way to help with me worrying and my anxiety none of these drugs help.. ... (22 replies)
... And, I do use XANAX only when totally necessary for several reasons. ... (13 replies)
... Hi Fusion... That's certainly a NEW one on me, too. My PDR+cross-ref does not indicate that with these two specific drugs ALONE being used together...and, let me say also I am speaking only about these 2 drugs ONLY and IF the patient is otherwise healthy AND has no ALLERGY to either. :angel: (13 replies)
... I have NEVER heard of not taking Xanax and Wellbutrin together.......can I ask where you saw that info? ... (13 replies)
... taking xanax along with wellbutrin can cause an increased chance of seizure. Not really a good combo at all. ... (13 replies)
... THe drug I would be concerned with is Xanax as it can become habit forming. ... (13 replies)
Celexa & Ativan
Feb 19, 2006
... Well, it turns out the Ativan was doing the exact opposite for me then intended. It made me more anxious then ever, I was having panic attacks more then ever then small episodes (basically where I just have to keep busy & my mind is running a mile a minute & I can't just lay down & get comfortable), plus I would just start randomly crying all the time over nothing. I had... (1 replies)
... now i have to ween off them from the bad side effects cause he didnt give me any refills but i did find a new dr but cant see him till march 23rd i still have my xanax thank goodness but what kind of dr exspecially a psychiatrist would tell you he couldnt help me anymore .i only been seeing him since dec . ... (3 replies)
Drug Interactions.
Mar 30, 2007
... With the drugs you described you should never be drinking alchol-i have a friend who is a doctor and had someone loved die from taking those-they will kill you please read upon this -i have also had the same problem, you can really hurt yourself-my prayers are with you!!! (3 replies)
Drug Interactions.
Mar 28, 2007
... I have been using xanax for years and feel like higher dosages aren,t working for sleep even when consuming high doses of alcohol so my doctor gave me trazadone to use with the xanax at bedtime and wellbutrin for depression and low energy only it states in the package insert wellbutrin can cause seizures with alcohol ,and does anyone on the board had this happen or know of... (3 replies)
... ime. 2 weeks ago I decided I didn't want to be on antidepressants anymore as I felt they stopped working, and OD'd on 70 zoloft and 20 xanax. I had been on the xanax for panic attacks and looking back, knew I had been abusing it. After the emergency room experience, my psych now wants me to go on celexa. ... (21 replies)
... Definitely do not take them off on your own. most need to be weaned. Being taken off suddenly can result in a seizure or other wacky side effects. But yeah, a second opinion sounds like a good idea. (13 replies)
... My husband was taking 4 different meds, we were frustrated and finally switched doctors. He felt like that was way too many medications. i would definately try switching doctors, I know how inconvient it is, but my husband was struggling with side effects too and thought there was something wrong with him, the doctor really thought his symptoms were the combination of meds,... (13 replies)
... Thanks trg247, If you don't mind me asking......Why do you think that you are this way, was it something that happened in your life that caused it, do you think its genetic? I just want to know why some people have these problems and some people do not. I'd just like to try to see it from your perspective. I'd appreciate it alot. thanks (13 replies)
... antidepressants- wellbutrin, effexor, remeron mood stabilizer - lithium antipsycotic - zyprexa I have severe major depressive disorder with psycotic features, post traumatic stress disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. Wellbutrin is an antidepressant that affects a certain chemical in the brain, I am not sure which one. trg247 (13 replies)
... thanks for your reply, do you mind me asking....why are you on all of the meds? And what is the purpose of the wellbutrin? What does it do/help with? (13 replies)

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