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... As far as a yeast infection, it's possible. Levaquin is often prescribed for only 3 days, as it's a strong antibiotic. ... (4 replies)
... y that my white blood cell count was elevated. I left with a diagnosis of, Gastroenteritis and also was takin off the Levaquin,even though they didn't say if the Levaquin had anything to do with what was going on. A friend told me that possibly the Levaquin could cause bleeding, is this possible? ... (4 replies)
... I have done some research. My doctor and pharmacist both say that they think levaquin is causing my tendonitis. ... (11 replies)

... I have several autoimmune issues and immune deficiencies and take a lot of antibiotics. One of my "go to" antibiotics is levaquin. I have been reading about levaquin and tendon issues and am wondering if this could be the cause of my arm pain. ... (11 replies)
... Back in May I had a 10 day course of levaquin for a severe respiratory infection. I know Levaquin can cause immediate tendon issues, but I was sick enough that I didn't care. I watched out for them and I didn't get them. ... (2 replies)
... I've done research and see that there are indications to inform your doctor if you are prescribed Levaquin and are currently taking ibuprofen or Naproxen. ... (2 replies)
... they did give me another antibiotic but I'm not sure they are convinced that the levaquin is causing my problems. ... (11 replies)
... My doctor isn't convinced that it is the Levaquin. I just think it is strange that I would have it in both arms when I haven't been exercising or doing anything that would cause tendonitis. SK59, do you have tendonitis in multiple places? ~Coping (11 replies)
Jun 2, 2009
... d news the infection and itching has gone away but the bad news is that I am now having trouble with both my legs and feet. My GP said it is tendonitis from the Levaquin and to step lightly until the pain subsides so I don't rupture the tendon. Neither my GP or surgeon can seem to answer how long that pain will last. ... (5 replies)
... healthy andkeep stress levels down. most people recover however it may take several months. do some research you will find lots of helpful information out there. levaquin and other quinolone drugs have destroyed thousands of lives they should be off the market. hope your mother feels better soon. ... (2 replies)
... yes absolutely. the potent chemotherapeutic drugs from the quinolone family such as cipro and levaquin can cause over 150 side effects which can even occur months or years later. ... (1 replies)
... Does anybody know if the floroquinolones Cipro and Levaquin would possibly present digestive problems continuously for months after the regimen stopped? ... (1 replies)
... I take 150 mg of topomax for migraines. I recently tried to go up to 175-second time I tried to do that-but I had to go back down because I had trouble with word finding. Does the topomax cause problems like this for you? I did have weight loss too. I take Wellbutrin which also causes weight loss. I loved it, my doctor did not:) My one big vice is diet coke but I... (11 replies)
... Please research Levaquin side effects some are Tendon tears and Tendonitis. ... (11 replies)
... Hi, I took levaquin with predisone twice and took a delayed reaction 4 months later. ... (2 replies)
Jul 21, 2009
... Levaquin is the only antibiotic I can basically take. Allergic to most others. It works for me. I usually get pain in the bottom of my feet. When you get up to walk it feels like someone is pulling from each direction. Mention the rash to your Dr. I've been taking Macrobid on and off for years for bladder infections. This time i took it and about an hour later I... (5 replies)
Jun 3, 2009
... thank you. At least there is hope it will go away. I am 45 was in good health except for the spinal issue which is why I had to have the surgery. I want to get back to the active busy life I enjoyed before these troubles began. (5 replies)
Jun 2, 2009
... not just how much you took and for how long but also your age and overall health. I only lasted three days on Levaquin and my tendonitis faded after a week, two weeks maybe. ... (5 replies)
... Has anyone been on the antibiotic Levaquin for anything? ... (0 replies)
... i took a drug called avelox which is very similar to levaquin and their in the same family-quinolones. i finished taking 8 days of that poison 4.5 months ago and i have been disabled ever since. i had a severe reaction. none of my problems started till 2 weeks after finishing that crap. i tore my quadricep and both achilles my legs are in constant pain along with my arms. 20... (2 replies)

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