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... Went to the doctor to try an anti-depressant for the first time. Told him how I felt, although not depression like I'm feeling now. Just sadness and still felt like myself and not numb like I am now. I wasn't sleeping right for a couple days and I called off of work on Monday and went to the doctor. He prescribed Lexapro. I took a 10mg at noon time, 6 hours later I had dinner... (0 replies)
Aug 28, 2015
... My doctor ended up prescribing me a stimulant in addition. Now I would never take either by themselves, they really compliment each other. My lexapro seems to work more like a mood stabilizer. ... (4 replies)
Aug 24, 2015
... hours after taking her dose. A nice nap too! A good 3 hour one. She said zoloft made her unbearably tired...she's here in the room as i type this. I'm glad the lexapro gives you some relief. Anxiety itself is exhausting. ..not to mention if panic attacks are involved. ... (4 replies)

Aug 24, 2015
... Lexapro seems to be working but I feel sedated - Anyone feel the same? (4 replies)
... I am currently on 20 mg of Lexapro for about 3 months now and I am so tired all the time. I thought that maybe the tiredness would go away in time but it hasn't. ... (0 replies)
... Hi there. I've never taken Lexapro, but, I have had diarrhea as a side effect on many of my new meds. I take 1 Immodium and, after like a half hour each time, it's all taken care of. If I get it again the next day, I'll take 1 more. It doesn't take much at all, and the Immodium is over the counter even. Read the label on the package just to be sure you're getting the right... (2 replies)
... Anyone experience terrible headaches on lexapro? I'm 5 weeks in and have had 2 week long headaches that were awful. They travel around my whole head with no relief even when I sleep. Tylonol doesn't really cut it for the pain. Any suggestions for this? Is this common so far into treatment? (0 replies)
... year old female.I took my first 5mg does of Lexapro yesterday and today I had to run to the bathroom about 4 times in an hour. ... (3 replies)
... I took my first 5mg lexapro yesterday morning. Today at 430 I had four trips to the bathroom for diareah. ... (2 replies)
... polar and depression. The Lexapro is fine by itself, but when I started taking the Tramadol with it, all hell broke lose for me. ... (0 replies)
... I have been on Lexapro in the past for anxiety and depression, but because of its price, I switched to a generic form of Celexa. ... (0 replies)
... I have been taking both Lexapro 40 and Trazadone 150 for years with no negative effects. I am sorry that your experience was not as positive. ... (2 replies)
... I asked today to get my ambien switched to a sleeping pill that helps you sleep longer because I only get 6 hrs with ambien and wake up during those 6 hours, so I was prescribed Trazodone. I am taking Lexapro. Come on now. I look these two drugs up online and it says they cause a major drug reaction. What am I supposed to do knowing that? (2 replies)
... ations. I did speak with my doctor and he said he just doesn't know what is going on. I am miserable. I am wondering also if I have a "sluggish liver" and the Lexapro is still running havoc in my system. In 2003 I had been taking Valium and I applied for a job which required me to have blood testing done. ... (2 replies)
... Although 3 weeks is not long enough to get it to the therapeutic level in your bloodstream, it is long enough to need some more time to have it completely clear from you system. Did you discuss the sensations the medication was causing to your doctor? 10 mg is a low dosage. We usually recommend a good month to 6 weeks to get the medication beyond the side effect phase, and... (2 replies)
... started in my face. The feeling was at first tingling but then my feet, legs and face started to feel like the skin was very tight on it. I stopped taking the Lexapro about six days ago and I STILL have the feeling of very bad tightness of the skin on my legs, feet and face. Feels like the skin on my face doesn't fit. ... (2 replies)
... Can Lexapro dehydrate you if it's causing diarrhea? ... (1 replies)
Instead of lexapro
Feb 17, 2009
... lexapro seems to make me moody with a bad temper and all my joints kill me what else could i ask my dr about (0 replies)
... Tramadol and Lexapro (0 replies)
Lexapro and beer
Dec 18, 2008
... I currently take 10 mg of lexapro every day. I know your not supposed to drink alcohol on lexapro but what if I didn't take lexapro on the day I drink. Any suggestions? ... (0 replies)

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