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Frequent horrible breath and taste (fetid)
Semi-permanent white coating on back of tongue
Raised white spots on back of tongue which appear to sit on papillae
Globus sensation of something stuck in throat and throat clearing
Excess mucous
Tonsil stones now removed by finger and flashlight ...gag reflux gone
Frequent blocked nose in either nostril but rarely both


I have the same symtoms. Also morning breath is like freeking nerve gas/rotting poop. The other day I sqeezed out about 3 from my left, and 4 from my right. Throat felt great. I could breath again. Morning breath was gone. 3 Days later, I drink a few beers (nice cold Bud's, yum), swallow hard. Then, ahh crap what's in my throat this time. Look in the mirror. OH hello there mr white nasty stinkbom chilling in my tonsil! Freeking nasty.

On my first g00gle search a few weeks ago I found this (a link to the old health boards) [url][/url]

It has some very good info. How it can be a error in your body relating your tonsils, nose, and thyroid. And how it can make you feel like crap and always tired (liek me) even when you get enough sleep and eat healthy.

So I'm going to buy a waterpick today, and try the grape seed extract. If that keeps the stones away cool. Also if that helps me breath, and feel alive again awesome. Otherwise maybe getting the tonsils removed are the only solution.

BTW thank God for these threads and the members here!
brad, I too developed tonsiliniths after taking anti-biotics (amoxicillin) for 10 days (I have a pilonidal cyst, had to stop the pus).


I've had those white spots on my right tonsil for over 10 years. They came and went. I have never noticed that they immediately respond to antibotics or antifungal medications. I have read that they are related to food getting caught in pockets in your tonsil. But I no longer believe that is true.
I have watch my spots develop very carefully and it is now clear that these spots begin under the skin of my tonsil and slowly work there way out like a blood blister does on your finger. I think these tonsil stones are actually dead cells that have calcified because your tonsil has been fighting an infection. When they break onto the surface some food particles stick to them, but I think that is just incidental. If you break them open they are soft and sometimes smelly just like the stuff you sometimes get out of a rather large zit that is healing over.

In both cases I think they are the debri of a fight your body had with an infection. I had a 10 year battle with tonsil infections that finally stopped when it was discovered I had low thyroid and my immune system was screwed up. Since that time, my tonsil has been slowly shrinking in size and as it does so I get many of these white spots coming out of the tonsil. When the spot drops off, it often leaves a hole that goes some considerable distance into my tonsil. That hole slowly closes and disappears.

So if you have those white spots I think it represents an infection that you had or currently have. If your tonsil is even the least bit swollen then you need to first have your thyroid checked to make sure you have a normal immune system and then to on some long term antibiotic like doxycyline for a month or more to kill and eliminate what ever infection is causes your problem.

In my case I had to take 3 different antibiotics (penicillin, zithromax and cephalexin) one after the other followed by 3 months of Sulfatrim and an antifungal to kill the yeast that started from all those antibiotics. But my infection is clearly gone now and as my tonsil steadily shrinks it is showing more and more of those white spots. Which I think is a good thing because it is the residue of past infections.

Hope it helps.


[quote=julia_girl]I agree that these stones represent infection, the tonsils being lymphodal tissue. However, I do not believe that long-term antibiotics is the way to go, as it will only serve to weaken your immune system further. A natural product such as GSE is a powerful germacide and at the same time, an incredible immune booster. Everyone has crypts to some degree (the tonsil holes) but they are larger in some people and are also stretched by the stones. Also, a good indication of whether or not the environment in your mouth is suitable for stones is the coating on your tongue...if it is thick and whitish-yellow, you are more likely to have stones.
To answer the previous poster, I dilute about 6-8 drops of the GSE in 2 oz of water and swish and gargle 3 times a day, as well as dilute 6 drops in 3 oz and take internally 2-3 times a day. Then when the infection is gone you can lower it to 2 times a day if you want simply as a prevention and good health aid. It is a great breath freshner because it kills the bacteria rather than masking the odour.

Do you realize that the stones are composed of the same bacteria that coats the tongue? People who take longterm antibiotics upset their natural balance of bacteria and end up with yeast infections (which includes oral infections, not just vaginal). This would only serve to worsen the problem of tonsil stones in the longrun. Antibiotics are certainly not a healthy alternative for you.


Both make points. But I from what I have also researched julia is "more correct". These quotes were takin from the old forum.

Also I got a waterpik today. Cleaned them out good, (there was still some left, mainly smaller pieces). But it feels like there is one in my nasal passage (if thats possible). Seems like post nasal drip could be adding to the problem. Which would be from my not so good diet, 6 animals in one house, and me not getting outside much. :dizzy:

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