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The instant it turned 80 degrees here in NJ i started to feel like i was coming down with something. I thought maybe it was that "change of weather" thing. So ive been taking airborn, vit C, and zinc.

so today swallowing started to slightly hurt. I coughed & spit out and it was mostly blood. Kept spitting & it was more blood than mucus. I used a penlight to look at the back of my throat (im a nursing student heh) and there are patchs that were bleeding and looked raw. (Just picture the white patches from strep throat but red). It doesnt bleed constantly, but it bleeds.

Thing is I just got over with strep almost 2 months ago. Finish all my antibiotics. Can it be possible to have strep AGAIN??? WHat the heck is this going on in my mouth??

(I dont have insurance, the first time i had strep i went to the ER & applied for charity care assistance program that only covers the ER bill. But it did not cover the $400 physician cost. I dont want to go back there just to get billed another $400.)

anyone have any idea what this is? Strep? Throat cancer? Some other weird disease?

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