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I'm in the middle of a sinus infection- 3 batches of anti-biotics and two batches of steriods. It's getting better, but for the past few days I've been getting up 3 hours early with pounding sinus headaches and my head all congested. After a few hours of being at work it gets better, but the pain is horrendous for the few hours I have it. I'm wondering if it's because the heats been coming on the past few days now that it's getting colder and that is changing the air in the bedroom.

I tried calling my dr today- he said when I called him last week to let the Z-pack fully run its course and then call him again but I messed up and didn't call him yesterday thinking it was his day off since Wed was the past 3 weeks but he took today off instead.

I keep getting different opinions as to whether a humidifier or a dehumidifier is what I would need to help my sinuses at night. Any ideas??

If it is sinus dryness.. humidifiers never worked that well for me. However my latest ENT who is top notch recommends sinus rinsing with Pretz PH balanced sinus saline solution OTC use it in the morning when you wake then use any steroidal sinus sprays you might be on ore medical sinus sprays like Nasonex and Astelin.. then use it periodically as need through the day. On really cold dry days 4x seems to be the sweet spot for me.

Also there is a great OTC Nasal oil. It is called Ponaris. You can order it online or have the pharmacy get you some. But you put half to a quarter of a dropper full up each nostril morning and especially at night before bed and you are golden. This is an iodine fortified oil and it is known to fight all the rhinitis's as well as fungal irritants and infections.

My regime is wake.. Pretz, Ponaris.. don't even need Nasonex anymore.. maybe about lunch if it is cold and dry.. Pretz.. home wash face Pretz before dinner.. then Pretz after my shower followed by Ponaris and zyrtec and the rest of my meds. I have a humidifier built into my CPAP, but other than that I have no need for them in my house or at work.

I'll look into the ponaris when I get more of a chance. The problem with the nasal rinses and nasal sprays is that they all caused really bad sinus headaches and migraines. It was like it cleared my nasal congestion but it all went right up into my head. I was having headaches every day when I was using nasal sprays and the couple times I tried the sinus rinses I was in bed with the wrose headaches of my life.

I was just thinking of things that would make the headaches come back the past few days and it dawned on me that the past couple days were the first days the heat has been on and I wasn't on antibiotics- and my girlfriend mentioned something about the air in our room being "off" since the heat started coming on at night.
Since you mentioned the heat coming on....are your furnace filters clean????That's extremely important. If they are dirty, the air will get dirtier and really trigger you and make things alot worse.

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