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So, my condition started with developing a swollen throat and difficulty breathing. It got bad enough so I went to a local clinic. They are pretty limited on what they can do but they referred me to a local ENT specialist. He looked down my throat and said my tonsils were "huge". I said "what do you mean tonsils? I only have 1 left after having one removed years ago". He informed me then about the lingual tonsils which are farther down at the base of the tongue. Along with the difficulty breathing, I had this issue where if I did too much talking out loud where I teach karate, I would start losing my voice. Anyways, the ENT gave me a steroid shot in the butt and wrote orders for an MRI. After the MRI, he looked at the films and showed me where the tonsils were enlarged and almost closing off my airway. He asked what I wanted to do, and said what should we do. He said they should come out. I was a little uncomfortable with his bedside manner, so I went for a 2nd opinion. The 2nd doctor refused to look at the films and put the scope up my nose and down my throat. His response was "they are not that large". He ordered a sleep study (where I tested with moderate sleep apnea) and a swallow study where he said the report stated I have "reflux" for which he prescribed Prilosec. He said not to jump into surgery and see how CPAP goes and see if things get better. No results with CPAP and that also wouldn't have solved my daytime problems anyways. I went to a 3rd ENT doctor and he was kind of in the middle and said that they were causing problems with my airway. He said it wasn't his favorite thing to do but he would if I wanted to. Sick of dealing with it, I chose him and had laser lingual tonsillectomy on 9/6/2007. My post-op pain was very, very minimal although I did keep taking my meds every 4 hours. However, recovery was so good I had doubts that even did what he intended to do. I went to my post-op appointment and explained to him that there wasn't much pain other than under my tongue which he said was form depressing it to get to the tonsils. I also told him that sleep and not really improved much and I was still having difficulty breathing somewhat. My condition has seemed to degraded since then and I am back to getting very broken sleep, difficulty breathing, post nasal drip, and sore throat and voice lose form talking too much. I've seen the doctor twice since the surgery and he said the surgery site looked great. I had a really bad sore throat the 2nd time which was like a month later and he looked even farther down and he said my larynx was very red and he prescribed an anti-biotic. So, after my long-winded history, has anyone had a similar experience post-op? I am not sure why I have the almost constant post-nasal drip and why I can't talk loud or cheer at a sporting event without coming home barely able to talk and swollen and sore. I'm guessing I should avoid the 1st 2 doctors since I didn't chose them for surgery. Should I go for a 4th opinion to figure out what to do? The lack of decent sleep and constant throat problems is really wearing me down big time.

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