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Today is the 3rd day, I've been seeing blood and clots running down my throat. I can see it's coming from up high behind the thing that hangs down (can't think of name)Nothing out of my nose. I went to my family dr. yesterday and he said because I had the flu last week I could have a secondary infection of the sinus, a broken capillary from coughing etc.. he really didn't know.But he did say it wasn't a backwards nosebleed because the blood wasn't gushing or anything. He prescribed bactrim and sent me for blood work. Everything was fine with the tests. I can breathe fine through my nose. Not stuffed up or anything.
I am a 55 yr. old female. NEVER had a nosebleed or this before.
I am constanly checking my throat with a flashlight and there is always blood and or clots and clear mucus. A lot more blood when I wake up in the mornings.
I can't eat, sleep only an hour or two at a time, and am a nervous wreck.
Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this? I don't know what to do. Please help!!!!
Ok, I guess there isn't anyone else with this type of problem? Anyway, I called my Dr. after the 5th day of the blood. He sent me for a CT scan of my sinuses and referred me to an ENT that I just went to today. This Dr. told me my scan was normal. He said the blood was from a broken blood vessel. He told me not to worry about the blood, he's seen this many times in his 38 years of practice. He told me to get rid of the flashlight and stop looking down my throat all the time. He said it could be from dry air or could even be from all the coughing I did when I was sick with the flu the week before it all happened. He told me to get a saline nasal spray and use it 2x's a day. Well, I didn't see any blood for the last 2 days until I just got home from seeing the ENT. Against the Dr.s advcie, I looked with a flashlight( just one last time,so I thought) anyway and there was blood going down my throat again. I'm wondering if he saw the blood too and thats why he told me to promise to stop looking for blood all the time? OR, is it starting all over again? Now here I go again, a nervous wreck!!! Any thoughts???? Please advise. Thanks

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