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Sore throat!
Aug 16, 2010
about 1cm down from my adams apple, and flutuating towards bottom of throat.

Singing for more than a few seconds causes me pain

Talking for a long time does, too.

Seen 3 different ENT's (Taiwan, New Zealand, China), done a laryngoscopy, tried speech therapy, seen 2 Chinese medicine doctors, tried Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Also tried antibiotics and painkillers.

Nothing works!!!

The peturbingly frustrating thing is that I have an old injury on the left upper back which feels ("nervy") which when irritated reduces the pain occuring in my throat. Could there be a connection?

A couple of dotors say it is in the head. Really? I desperately want to sing, but the bloody pain is preventing me.

Any ideas... I'm given to writing classical music now, because singing is painful.

Maybe prayer? Haven't tried a priest yet (lol) but seriously, could it be demonic possession (because science hasn't offered a solution, and it may be mental/spiritual)? No joking.

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