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... hard to swallow. Today, day 7, I woke up with the driest mouth I have ever had, and when I swallow it's a scratchy feeling. So not that long ago, I looked in my throat and there is like a small red spot on my soft palate next to my uvula, and it made me a little scared cause it looks bloody. ... (5 replies)
... No swelling but very raw, bloody scabs, yellow scabs, oozy yellow discharge going on for months now. ... (0 replies)
... I have been plagued with a nasal staph infection and need advice - symptoms sores in nose even blocking breathing, yellow discharge, all of inside of nose sore. Have been on Bacitracin - did not work but some major scabs were cleared up but left all of nose inside red according to the doc, tried Bactroban for 1 day (3x) and burned so bad, even where it ran down the back of my... (0 replies)

... so i coughed up a bloody tonsil stone, yum! ... (7 replies)
... see reptiles in my dream, something unpleasant will occur. usually a sickness or bad news. eating food in my dream for me is a mild sickness, and eating uncooked bloody meat is a serious sickness. climbing up an altitude and reaching the top is success, but climbing halfway and falling back is no success. ... (6 replies)
... ome Advil, had some soup and stayed in bed. I went to sleep that night and woke up with an excruciating pain in my left ear. I went into the bathroom and noticed bloody fluid leaking from the ear. ... (1 replies)
... t have a recliner, buy one. Keeping the throat above the heart, avoiding ear pain, and using gravity to aide in hydration and nutrition is important. ... (168 replies)
... sting magic liquid. But I am constantly bleeding now. Its only a very little bit at a time, but every time I spit up it has a little red in it. Also my phlegm is bloody and very very gross. I don't know how to end this. I don't think it is enough to send me to the ER, but its also too much to stop. WHat do I do? ... (168 replies)
... discharge in the back of my throat and it has a reallllly funky weird taste. Is this normal!? ... (6 replies)
... nasal drip for about a week. The past 2 days I've had small bowel movements that are basically just mucus and have bloody streaks in them. Could my throat issues be causing this? ... (0 replies)
... I am on day 16, and the last few days I have been an emotional wreck. 2 days ago, had bloody tarry stools. went to er they said I was digesting tons of blood. Blood levels came up, they said see ent. ... (57 replies)
... Well, before I say what happened a couple days ago, let me say that if your scabs are gone, okay well, if your on day 8 and not in terrible pain your good. Also dont gouge the food, just take your finger tip (without the nail) and barely make contact with the hole and gently drag just above the skin to get the food out. Bread is the worst. You sound way ahead of where I was at... (57 replies)
... I've been posting about my problem with BLOODY post nasal drip but no reponses. I've had it since Nov.2nd. Now I would like to know if certain irritants could be causing it? ... (1 replies)
... Since late in Day 4 and now through Day 5, i have been very nauseous. I suppose its due to me taking the pain medication and not having anything to comfort it in my stomach. Whenever i eat anything thats sweet, like a popsicle, and even jello, which is very mild, i get nauseous. Nothing seems to be able to sit well. Middle of Day 5, I started taking some Tylenol 8 hr and... (47 replies)
... doses with just jello which was a big mistake. Didn't cut it and was nauseous for hours and hours ugh. Finally threw up and it was clear except for three tiny bloody chunks of tissue. I'm assuming that was bits of throat I swallowed that contributed to the nausea. ... (47 replies)
... a makes it look like more then it is. its now 3am sunday morning shes still feeling like shes going to puke and still spitting up small amounts. i looked at her throat in side and the affected area is white and scabby with a few blood lines and spots from the trauma of throwing up . ... (0 replies)
... I am 27 years old, my ENT did not put me on any antibiotics....actually all he gave me was 40 T3's and said goodluck...see ya in 6 weeks. U are on day 12...can ya talk with no problems? I am a little worried by the end of my 20 days off work...I still won't be able to talk lol. Right now it's like I can say simple words...but finding it very straining to speak (28 replies)
... im on day day 12 po. and eating is manageable it does hurt but its worth the pain that im not starving anymore and im getting enogh nutrients etc. my throat started bleeding on day 7 i could see it down the back of my throat so went to the doctors cause i was coughing up bloody phlegm and he said that normally after a week if it bleeds then sometimes its because of an... (28 replies)
... le. I was nauseated beyond belief and terrified of throwing up because I knew I would rupture something. The thrush was horrible! Instead of just having the sore throat to deal with, my tongue and sides part of the roof of my mouth is raw and with several sores. ... (94 replies)
... Hey, Jerrica. I hope the anti-inflammatory is working and that you got some sleep last night. A word about Propel: When it first came on the market, I was a big fan. I have grown to hate it for the very reason you just cited. Even when I am not recovering from surgery, it dries me out. It almost seems to be a diuretic! I chalk it up to the artificial sweetener. I just... (94 replies)

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