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... I had even had hearing loss for a few months but hearing has come back. Still have the tinnitus tho. So I did every medication for ETD, nasal rinses, ear popper, you name it i did it and it didn't work. ... (211 replies)
... splash a bit, it's not a swimming lake, but they liked it. We had a nice time, but I'll be honest, the whole time I kept thinking it could be better without the ear stuff. I just want this gone! ... (211 replies)
... Woke up with right ear blocked/full again today. ARGH! (211 replies)

... Also wanted to ask u guys what u take when ur pain is bad. Having pretty bad pain today in the ear n bones around the ear, not sure what to take for it as I've already tried motrin. Pain level is pretty high, I woke up this way. What should I do? ... (211 replies)
... no it wouldn't. You need to see an audiologist and have a hearing test and a tympanogram. The tympanogram is this simple test that they use to determine middle ear function. They put this probe like thingie in Ur ear n it feels like a tiny bit of suction, and it produces a graph. ... (211 replies)
... stuffy relief. I had 2 typanograms in the last couple of mos, 1 said my ear pressure was abnormal, the most recent one said it was within normal range. ... (211 replies)
... he said i had a lot of fungus and that the ear drops i used actually helped the fungus grow more because antibiotics can do that. buffalony you were totally right, he suctioned out my ear. ... (211 replies)
... Thank you for the quick reply! Let me update you on my state. i have no pain,No hear loss, no sensation of fluid moving in my left ear but negligible sensation in right ear which is also going away. Crackling is still there. Doctor says its the eustachian tube opening that u hear as a crackle. ... (2 replies)
... I see this is an old post.....hopefully you are around the corner with your ear issues by now. ... (211 replies)
... in my right ear after a 4 month bout with ear issues. The humming in the ear has somewhat subsided, no hearing loss, but now when I talk, hear other people talk, listen to the TV or radio...the sound is like amplified in my ear if that makes sense. ... (211 replies)
... hey jenn..i totally agree, with all the advancements in modern medicine, WHY cant they open a stinking ETube?? I do think allergies play a role in all this, but sometimes i think its an easy answer for drs to tell us, ya know? My left side is really bad today..the right side isnt quite so plugged up but this darn left ear, and the poking sensation is relentless today..i've... (211 replies)
... I usually false yawn to pop them. And if the left middle ear has within normal range of pressure, then the tube has to be opening at some point, right? ... (211 replies)
... Well i want to report that there are alot more ETD sufferers out there..i went to the dentist today to get my teeth cleaned, and i thought i heard the receptionist say to one of the hygenists, "wow i wish my ears would pop" so i tried to evesdrop as best i could (seeing they sounded muffled) and finally i said, did u mention something about plugged ears, and BOTH the hygenist... (211 replies)
... well today, i seriously feel like something is poking my left eardrum.....its the oddest right ear isnt feeling to bad today..........Jenn i know u mentioned you get the poking sensation in your ears...and my neck hurts today too...... ... (211 replies)
... please consider getting a 2nd opinion on the sinus surgery. I have seen 4 ENTs with the same sinus ct scan. 3 told me no need for surgery. ... (211 replies)
... Jenni, you may have just given us all something new to look into. How amazing that your ear popped open after being worked on!!! Sign me up for that program please!! ... (211 replies)
... sacral therapy on me that was very relaxing. Like chiro, but just your head, and very gentle and no loud cracks or pops like you get with chiro. Anyhow, he probably worked on me for about 20 minutes. ... (211 replies)
... Joyce, I seriously cannot believe ur dr gave u that many rounds of ear drops and thought nothing would happen especially in the ear canal. People get fungal infections there all the time, its fairly common. At least we know better now... ... (211 replies)
... days u will be fine...Its that he kept me on them becuz my ear never got better when in reality, the drops were feeding the fungus....but one round, as directed, and you will b fine.....!!!!!!!!! I will ck in later! ... (211 replies)
... blocked. So now I am paranoid. Also, I've started taking my allergy med again at night and the two nasal sprays twice a day to try to keep my ear from having a reaction. ... (211 replies)

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