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Echo in right ear
Oct 10, 2013
... If I breathe real hard I hear air coming up into my ear. Ent said I don't have it but I'm not sure I agree due to the symptom. I don't have fluid in my ears so I don't know what else it could be. My tube is popping a few times a day as well. ... (5 replies)
... I have this hissing in my ears , loud noises go right though me i hear when it's quite a drumming noise but it's not a steady beat like my heart. ... (0 replies)
Echo in ear
Dec 13, 2010
... ar', i have decided to focus on another problem, so i decided just to use this thread. Anyway, for as long as i can remember, i have heard a clicking sound in my ears when i yawn. I can control it though, and i have a habit of just making the sound when i bored. ... (0 replies)

Echo in ears
Jul 17, 2009
... Did you get any replies? I have the same problem! (1 replies)
Echo in ears
Mar 30, 2009
... What do you do if you hear an echo in your ears? ... (1 replies)
... A few weeks ago I had a blocked ear and my family doctor cleaned both ears with a metal pressurized water tool. The one ear required at least 4 times for the tool to be used. ... (1 replies)
... hrobbing and also a noise that is reminiscent of a car engine running. Not to mention,any loud pitch noises i hear just absolutely make my head go insane and my ears echo..its nuts.. ... (15 replies)
... ad. The louder I talk the louder the vibration. I too hear myself talk which means I hear the words on the inside of my head the same way you do if you plug your ears and talk. I also at times hear my heartbeat. My head feels conjested like from a head cold. I feel like I am full of cotton. ... (4 replies)
... tip, there's nothing in there, not even water. I've tried blowing my nose, blowing my ears holding my nose, yawning and burping, even sneezing! Nothing changes in the slightest, except when I yawn for a brief moment it's somewhat less blocked. ... (2 replies)
... Pink, that is EXACTLY what i was talking about.. how it sounds funny / echo-y when i talk. please post to let us know what your doctor says! (6 replies)
... PE tubes put in right ears about two weeks ago. It made my symtoms worse. I had it removed. It been a week. ... (0 replies)
... I have patleous eust tube (left ear only) and find that a t long stay tube in my ear drum lets the air out through the hole and therefore the autophony goes away (latest t tube in for 12 + years) . Re the flutter I had a hair on my ear drum which caused a similar feeling and the ENT removed it and then it was ok. (1 replies)
... Hi Jenni, Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It's comforting not to walk this journey alone, and to hear from another mom (my kids were 6 and 9 when I first started having episodes 4 1/2 yrs ago). My symptoms flare to different degrees, and without much notice often, so it is something the whole family has had to accommodate. I am lucky for the caring support... (44 replies)
... I noticed the problem in my right ear in February, after going to a loud concert, which made my ears ring for a couple of days. ... (1 replies)
... Its hard to explain in many ways, but its just like low sounds get amplified and can sort of echo a little bit. The closest thing I can use for it is the sound of loud music being played, and the bassy notes vibrating in your ear. ... (0 replies)
... I can understand your concerns. Have you discussed this with your docs? If yes, what do they say? In May this year, it will be 4 years since my T-tubes were inserted, I am hoping they will stay in for many more years to come! There are reported cases of T-tubes lasting 10+ years. I have never had any fluid build up in my middle ears. (26 replies)
... sure etc and what else could happen. The problem I have is when my ear does not have fluid build up my eustachian tube will stay open sometimes and my voice will echo real loud through my head and I can hear my breathing which becomes very loud and anoing. I was wondering what's instore for me if I get it done. ... (26 replies)
... New to this board and just spent an hour reading all these posts start to finish. I feel as though I'm the only person in the world with problems like this. Although my ears don't feel full/blocked, I have sort of this echo (more reverberation) in my right ear after a 4 month bout with ear issues. The humming in the ear has somewhat subsided, no hearing loss, but now when I... (211 replies)
... Luci, i have the horrible pressure, and slight veritgo but i dont get the burning sensation or vomit....i cant stand to hear myself talk loud cuz its like this echo in my head makes me crazy. My ears itch alot too...i know we are all so sick and tired of feeling like this.....wish i had some answers.... ... (211 replies)
... months ago I had the flu for 3 weeks, recovered in a week and then I got terrible Roaring, buzzing sound in the ear and sinus infections with very pressure in my ears and under ears. All of the sounds I heard were very rich with lots of bass and hum, it was so bad one time that I almost heard the hum when people talked. ... (0 replies)

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