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... A few pre-tonsillectomy tips: - Stock your freezer with popsicles. They can help you stay hydrated. I like Minute Maid Fruit Juicees. You may also want to have some Jello or pudding on hand, and some soup. If you're by yourself most of the day, get the ready-to-eat (or microwave) stuff, because you won't want to prepare even a simple Jello package. I also drank a lot of... (71 replies)
... To start off I'll give some background knowledge. I am a 19 year old female, before removing my tonsils I frequently got tonsil stones, I had infection, viruses, etc, 5 times in the span of 2 months this winter, and my lymph nodes had been swollen 5 times regular size since December. I decided I was tired of it all and made the appt, May 14th. Going into this I already had one... (3 replies)
... ear old finally got it out. The also took out my uvula because i also have sleep apnea. The first week is hell, you are not prepared for. I lost weight since the pre op which i was 222 and now today i am 206.4. ... (0 replies)

... Today for me is day 11 after my tonsillectomy and I FEEL GREAT! After surgery was ok but Day 2 was very hard to swallow but that was because I was coming down with a bad case of thrush and pnuemonia! ... (0 replies)
... I had my tonsillectomy on Feb 21. It was an uneventful procedure. I'm a 37 year old nurse who figured I could fly through recovery and get back to work. Nope. ... (0 replies)
... I had my tonsillectomy on Feb 21. It was an uneventful procedure. I'm a 37 year old nurse who figured I could fly through recovery and get back to work. Nope. ... (0 replies)
... Well that makes me feel a little better, but yesterday was like hell. I tried to eat some noodles... but I didn't cook them enough. That was horrible. Also I got some pre-made protein shakes because I wasn't eating anything really, and that was really hard to swallow. Today, day 7, I woke up with the driest mouth I have ever had, and when I swallow it's a scratchy feeling. So... (5 replies)
... Hello all, I find reading stories about other people's tonsillectomies comforting, because I know I'm not alone. I'm a college student pursuing a BFA in Acting (I'm also a fairly serious singer, though it's not my focus) and I'm going into day 8 post-op. Everything has gone smoothly so far (although I developed a nasty case of thrush/oral yeast which is being taken care of... (0 replies)
... Hi, thought I'd do a write up on my experience thus far after a tonsillectomy as nearly every story I read pre-op was full torture and unbearable pain like no other. Well, I went in for the op on Monday and got taken in at around 10:15 and was out by approximately 12:00. They knocked me out and whacked some morphine into me, so when I came round I must admit I didn't quite... (0 replies)
... Hello, I am a 26 year old M who has always had really enlarged tonsils, and recently they became too bothersome (i.e. choking me at night as I slept every 20 or so minutes) and decided to go along with a tonsillectomy. That was 12 days ago. I was told it was a 10ish day recovery and I should start feeling better around then, and I did. By day 9 I was totally off my pain... (2 replies)
... out document that LisaMP wrote from the perspective of a caregiver of a tonsillectomy patient. ... (168 replies)
... Ok so here goes... Thursday the 28th I had my surgery. Arrived there at 8am, they took me back within 15 minutes to the pre op area. ... (36 replies)
... Hi I hope your pre-op has gone well and best of luck with your operation. Not sure if you will get to read this before you go in but if so don't worry! I am 22 (21 when I had the op - lucky me got to have my birthday a few days post op!) and tomorrow will be two weeks since my op. Hope I can help out. 1. Don't worry about pain on waking up in recovery, I was so dosed up... (36 replies)
... :angel: Speaking of, do you find it more comfortable to lie down or sleep sitting up? How long did you sleep? How often were you taking in liquids, and which helped the best (gatorade, water?)? How long did it take for you to recover from the most major of pain? Did sound bother you at all (ear pain after surgery)? How long before you could eat semi-solid to solid foods?... (4 replies)
... By the way, at 58, I'm pretty old for a tonsillectomy patient. According to my ENT and his assistant, this was supposed to be really painful for me at my age, but I got along amazing well, I think. ... (16 replies)
... OK so before I got my tonsils out, I of course read every little thing I could find about the surgery. One thing I had a hard time finding, and the thing I was most nervous about was the experience in the hospital, so I'm giving a really detailed explanation of my entire surgery day experience, a few days reactions, and my list of necessities. Overall, not that bad! I think... (16 replies)
... Hey all, I had my tonsils out today, and I used this forum to research a lot before I went through my surgery. Even so, I still had some questions going into it, so I figured that maybe if I post my own recovery story, I can help answer other people's questions (and may still have some of my own to ask). Day 1: My surgery was at 11:45 this morning, and I had to arrive... (0 replies)
... id the amount of pain she experienced every day out of 10 so I figured I'd do the same and hopefully this thread will get dug up someday but someone going into a tonsillectomy and will know what to expect. ... (27 replies)
My Tonsillectomy
Apr 19, 2010
... HI - I am currently 4 days Post-Op of my Tonsellectomy. I am 37/F. I thought I would share my experience also, andhopefully offer a few tips that will be helpful to somebody else going through this :) Keep in mind that everyone reacts to the various drugs/anasthesia differently. For example, a lot of people get nausea/vomitting and I haven't had that whatsoever (lucky... (18 replies)
My Tonsillectomy
Apr 16, 2010
... Had the op yesterday, and there were some positives and negatives of it all. Let's start with the Operation Day. I woke up at about 6.30am, guess I was a bit nervous and my Dad banging around in the kitchen getting ready for work didn't help much. I lay around in bed then got up at aroun 8.30am, when I had a shower and got dressed. I was told to fast from 8am this... (18 replies)

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