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... I also have swollen turbinates in both of my nostrils are very enlarged and I can not breath, smell, or taste. My septum is also slightly deviated. ... (0 replies)
... I am 24, and for about 4 years now I have had trouble smelling, swollen turbinates which cause me to sleep poorly, which in turn cause me to feel extremely fatigued which leads to feeling down or even depressed. ... (0 replies)
Swollen turbinates
Jul 13, 2008
... Dear Sir/Madam, I am an 28 yer healthy male who unfortunately abused Otrivine (oxymetazoline nasal drops) for a period of 12 months so as to fight my night time nasal congestion The last 7 months one of my nostrils is almost completely blocked-the blocked nostril is alternating and I feel pressure on that side. The blockage is there only when I lie down or sit, the... (1 replies)

... I was like you, had very swollen turbinates, and I had a horrible headache for many many years.... ... (8 replies)
... The only problem I have is the swollen turbinates. ... (8 replies)
... tors I have seen have not been much help. For the past I'd say 4 to 5 years my nose allergies have gotten worse, especially my turbinates. They always seem to be swollen but more so at night when I sleep and there in lies my biggest issue because I seem to never get a good nights sleep anymore. ... (0 replies)
... the two would not be directly connected, but have you ever been tested for allergies? I say that because the dark circles and puffy cheeks sound more like an allergic reaction. This could also cause the swelling of your turbinates. I would definitely get an allergy workup and get a CT of your sinuses to make sure there is nothing structurally wrong with your sinus cavity. ... (3 replies)
... Just to add, I have also noticed that when I massage the swollen cheak area for a few minutes, the puffiness 'deflates', but soon comes back up again. It also feels abit spongey. ... (3 replies)
... I was wondering if you think that the enlarged turbinates may also be responsible for the constantly puffy cheeks as well as the breathing problems? ... (3 replies)
... nasal so it was hard to describe.. I just looked up pictures of the turbinates and this is EXACTLY what is swollen inside my nose. ... (3 replies)
... I had a laser removal of my turbinates three years ago.. ... (0 replies)
... Having swollen turbinates for several months has caused severe discomfort. Since March I've had 2 sinus infections and bronchitus once. ... (9 replies)
... I had coblation done, but I had it done along with a septoplasty and a reduction of the middle turbinates as well. ... (8 replies)
... Did you have coblation procedure and how long did it take. Why were your turbinates swollen to begin with. Did it work for you and do you have to go for more sessions. ... (8 replies)
... The next step after that would be surgery to reduce your turbinates via coblation. ... (8 replies)
Sealed up nose
Apr 15, 2014
... I thought of trying those, but did not know whether they would be any good for a nose blocked by swollen turbinates. Interesting that you have mentioned them and will get some tomorrow and give it a try, thank you. Are the standard breathe right strips the best? ... (5 replies)
Sealed up nose
Apr 14, 2014
... thank you fof your reply titchou. i have to see ENT on may 13th to have this diagnosed, but suspect it is swollen turbinates, and boy are they swollen judging by the way all my air is blocked off. my nose reacts very badly to the perfume worn by others, so think this is part of the problem. ... (5 replies)
Sealed up nose
Apr 13, 2014
... Polyps, swollen turbinates,? ... (5 replies)
... I had a turbinectomy in January last year. Look up turbinates in google as you may actually not have a deviated septum at all, or may have a deviated septum with swollen turbinates on one or both sides. You could also have polyps like one of my friends and a few other people I know. ... (4 replies)
... o ever! After being stuffed around by useless, self absorbed idiot i decided to try a new ent and have not looked back! He is brilliant! He has discovered I have swollen turbinates and eustachian tube dysfunction and is looking at doing the balloon dilation surgery. I will let you know how it goes. ... (0 replies)

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