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Throat red bumps
Apr 28, 2010
... I have problems with my throat for the past year and a half. ... (0 replies)
... home treatments for sore throat may help, e.g. ... (2 replies)
... Hey, i really need help! I have multiple red bumps on the back my throat, and hurts when I swallow, I did have body aches, fever, and I felt like i was in a bubble lol! ... (2 replies)

... For the last couple years I have had a "wierd" looking throat. I have a bunch of tiny red bumps and also alot of irritation and red "splotches", for lack of a better term. These may have been here even longer than the last couple years, but that's the first time I noticed them. ... (0 replies)
... Hello, i was just wondering if anyone had experience with painless red bumps at the back of the throat? ... (0 replies)
... i have red bumps in the back of my throat what is that? ... (0 replies)
... hi there, i to have red bumps at the back of my throat (it is in fact a little painful at the moment) mine are on the wiggly bit at the back and also some on the roof of my mouth. (2 replies)
... it causes your throat to become irritated. ... (2 replies)
... sore throat should last? ... (2 replies)
... i have red bumps in my throat, in the back of my tounge and under my tounge. ive been to four doctors. they all say its of no concern. on top of that i have a sore throat. ... (1 replies)
... s been going on. I get tonsil stones and frequently clean my tonsils out. While doing this, I noticed my right tonsil was very swollen and had some angry looking red bumps behind it going down my throat. It was odd, but I didn't really worry too much. Over the following few days things got worse. ... (0 replies)
... Since August I have had these raised bumps in the back of my throat, dry eyes, dry skin, thirst, thick mucus (had to swallow), no sore throat, no runny nose, had hard lymph nodes under jaw, fatigue, and occasional soreness under one eye. Docs ruled out allergies and diabetes. Lab work show neg for AAn, high cortisol, low vit d and b12. Dad has lymphoma and diabetes. ... (2 replies)
... sinus drainage, horseness, fatigue, some discomfort under one eye, dry eyes, and some clear bumps clustered at the top of the gum line. It has been like that everyday since August. ... (2 replies)
... Since July of this year I have been having throat problems. It started out with a very severe case of what was thought to be strep even though I tested neg on thr rapid test. ... (0 replies)
... Hi there, these bumps MIGHT be normal, as I have them as well and have had them for as long as I can remember. I think they are a variant of taste buds? ... (2 replies)
... Hi my throat has been hurting for a couple days. Today I decided to get a flashlight out and take a look. I discovered a bunch of little red bumps in the back of my throat. I have had my tonsils removed since I was five. The bumps are only in the back of my throat behind the uvula, nowhere else in my mouth. ... (2 replies)
... i have the same problem but nothing is swollen.. just red bumbs.. i took antibiotics and not much change.. ... (1 replies)
... Hello. For about 3 weeks now I have had very very very swollen tonsils with big Ted bumps going down my throat. The back of my tongue is also very sore and I can feel large bumps on the back of it. I was given a strep test and that can back negative. ... (1 replies)
... i have 3 small red bumps on my right has a smallll white spot in it................. ... (0 replies)
... So I'm 14 Days Post op and noticed that there are a whole bunch of red bumps... like raised bumps filled with fluid... in the back of my throat where my tonsils used to be. Bit nervous and calling my ENT tomorrow. They almost itch. I can feel it in my ears. ... (1 replies)

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