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... Hello! I am currently day 28 post op for my tonsillectomy, the healing has been a long journey, as my tonsils were chronically infected, I even had pus in them. ... (0 replies)
... Hello. I am on post op day 17. ... (2 replies)
... Hi! I'm 18 days post op, and still have scabs. My doctor advised to continue on soft food diet as anything could cause bleeding then I would have to be put under again to burn it. ... (2 replies)

... Yes I agree, I drank lots of Gatorade. Today is 18 days post op, and I am so incredibly exhausted, which is so frustrating for me because I normally have a ton of energy. I still have days where all I can do is sit... ... (3 replies)
... Hello everyone I'm currently on day 11 post op. Since day 7 I have been experiencing extreme pain when I swallow on one side. Also light bleeding, nothing that came pouring out my mouth though. ... (2 replies)
... I had my tonsillectomy on Feb 21. It was an uneventful procedure. I'm a 37 year old nurse who figured I could fly through recovery and get back to work. Nope. ... (0 replies)
... Hi There I really do sympathise with you. I'm on day 8 and I still feel grim. It feels like it is never going to get better. I can't even yawn yet so being able to I imagine is a step forward. I have a couple of nagging questions though.....all of my discomfort and pain is on the left hand side. My right side is fine. It feels as though something is stuck down the left... (6 replies)
... well, I had my Tonsillectomy on the 23rd august, and I can tell you I was pretty much crapping myself throughout the whole wait. ... (6 replies)
... ... and I don't mean that the pain has killed me. In fact, I mean quite the opposite :D I've really struggled throughout this recovery period, as have so many of you on here and my heart goes out to everyone who's recovering. This board has been a Godsend and so have all you people who have put your experiences and words of hope out there for others. But let me tell you... (6 replies)
... As one who survived the gripping fear of post op bleeding not once but twice, my best advice for you is don't be afraid to eat or drink. ... (6 replies)
... Hi sierra88 I haven't had to go to hospital (yet!) to be recauterized, however, i am in the midst of dealing with post-op bleeding...have had 2 small bleeds with the last one resulting in a big ugly clot forming in my right tonsil bed. Like you, I've been really scared to eat and drink as I'm sure that once the clot breaks off, I'll start bleeding again. My ENT told me to... (6 replies)
... Hello all, Well, feeling much better these days! Still have some pain, but very manageable. There is some scabbing deep in the tonsil beds. Here's my main concern: I went to the ENT for my post-op follow-up today. I've been looking in the mirror these past couple days, and noticing that the sides don't look smooth like my daughters do (both daughters had theirs out).... (3 replies)
... Hi tonsilfamily, I'm so glad your doing okay! Hang in there. My mouth was the same way. I'm now post-op 8 weeks and still can't talk loud or say quite a few words correctly and my mouth gets tired if I talk too much. You might try some mashed potatoes, vanilla yogurt, and vanilla ice cream. I had to eat that along with vanilla pudding for 3 1/2 weeks because of thrush. ... (2 replies)
... I found sucking on ice cubes/ice blocks helped stopped minor bleeding such as that. But if that doesn't help, I was told to go to the nearest ER. Clots of blood aren't good...I'd say go hospital...or atleast contact your doc to ask them. (6 replies)
... and today its my 6th day into post op recovery. ... (6 replies)
... I'm on day 10 post op. ... (2 replies)
... I had my tonsillectomy on Feb 21. It was an uneventful procedure. I'm a 37 year old nurse who figured I could fly through recovery and get back to work. Nope. ... (0 replies)
... I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!! LOL im on day 10 actually of my own recovery, I'm 20 yrs old, but had the EXACT same problem and first i must say SEE A DOCTOR. come to find out, i had that issue and one night i sat up go get ready for bed and had a free flow of blood out my mouth. they may have missed a bit of the cauterizing in your throat (do u feel a singled out bump with no scab on... (2 replies)
... This is day 12 post op for my tonslechtomy. My first day passed in a haze. ... (2 replies)
... Now I'm all but 2 weeks post op, but I'm still in an incredible amount of pain, particularly on my right side. I don't really feel anything except mild discomfort on the left. ... (2 replies)

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