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... d started immediately coughing up fresh blood. I swallowed a lot and ended up vomiting that up as well. My boyfriend rushed me to the hospital and aside from the scab they couldn't determine where the bleeding was from. We worked out that I'd bled about a coke cans worth of blood. ... (3 replies)
... I would like to share my tonsillectomy experience with you. If you are preparing to get the procedure and reading every blog you can find on the procedure, I hope that this will be of help to you. ... (0 replies)
... Thanks for sharing your story. I want to get a Tonsillectomy but am worried about the doctor making an error in judgment, but then again, I am a chronic over-thinker/worrier. So reading your story helps tremendously. Is it too much to ask you to keep us updated every month or so? I am curious about the weeks afterwards. My biggest worry, I guess, would be taking any... (4 replies)

... t the corners of my mouth to be so sore. That is also from the mouth frame, holding your mouth open. The corners have continued to ooze slightly, causing small scab like things to form in the corners. But Carmex has helped with that as well as the dry, chapped lips. ... (4 replies)
... and feeling like I was on the mend but a scab came off too early. ... (8 replies)
My Tonsillectomy
Dec 23, 2011
... I wanted to thank Lisamp 'guide' to adult tonsillectomy. It was the most helpful thing I read. ... (13 replies)
... I'm 20 years old and had an emergency tonsillectomy nine days ago after repeated bouts of strep and 2 peristonsillar abcesses within the course of a week. ... (5 replies)
... Hey, I'm 23 and i had a problem with tonsil stones. I got mine out on march 12, 2010 Just make sure you drink water non stop. Take something for the constipation if you are taking a lot of pain meds. I know its painful. After reading a gazillion posts i decided to go with the UK method after day 5 and i started to eat solid foods like toast, burgers, chicken, etc. to... (55 replies)
... Honestly 6 days is NOT enough for an adult, especially since legally you're not supposed to care for kids on pain killers. Days 4-9 (atleast) are the most excrutiating, pain will get worse from where u are. Unfortunatly I am day 12 and still half scabbed and tight, sore, burning. Some tips. Quit with the dairy as it produces too much mucus that will fill your throat. Which... (55 replies)
... Hi. I too have gotten a lot of helpful info from this board concerning my tonsillectomy. I am a 42 yo man in Nashville, TN who is on day 6 post-op of a tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, and uvula trim. On the day of my surgery, I wore sweats & a t shirt, which they had me remove anyway to get into the surgical gown. They let me keep my underwear on though. I changed... (55 replies)
... I had my post op check up today and it went great. That scab I said hurt me earlier well my dr. he sprayed this numbing solution in my mouth and told me to swallow and I swallowed it and it was so gross. ... (70 replies)
... I am 15 days into my surgery day if you count the surgery day. I am pretty much eatting normally just certain foods. I have a scab on my uvula it is half way hanging off and on. I wake up during the night with a dry throat cause of it and I get sick. ... (70 replies)
... Hi Tammy! My surgery was March 23 so as of today, I am on day 10 post-op (not including my surgery day). I have to say, today is the first day I have actually started to feel "normal" again. I ate a bowl of strawberries and milk for breakfast-my first solid food beyond Malt-o-meal. I still have a sore throat, but it is similar to having a common cold type sore throat. I... (70 replies)
... was wrong because i dropped the phone on the counter. I told him to hold on because I was bleeding. I had a steady trickle of blood coming out of a break in the scab on the left side. ... (94 replies)
... l pain except for at night. There is this one part of the bottom of my throat on the right side, really deep down, that still hurts badly at night. I think its a scab still trying to fall off cuz I can feel it. ... (34 replies)
... n meds...demorol. Im allergic to most potent pain med, so I tried this one, yep, allergic to it too...By that point I was so weak I couldn't even take a dose of Adult extra strength tylenol because it made me sick, so I've spent my recovery on bubblegum children's tylenol...the dose for a 95 pound child! It sucks. ... (5 replies)
... D I did cough up LOTS of scab junk yeserday and last night. ... (44 replies)
... I totally agree. Those with successful stories do not have a need to reach out to the world and seek advice because they don't need it. But, as with NoTurningBack (cute alias, btw), there certainly are recoveries that aren't as horrid as the ones posted all over the internet. Each person is different and, incidentally, heals differently. However, the reality is that... (44 replies)
... had mine out on Tuesday, I'll be 40 in April doc says I'm doing fantastic, but ONLY because I'm eating and NO, haven't LOST any weight, maybe a few pounds, but that's it I promised I wouldn't take this opportunity to lose the 20lbs I need to, and I'm sticking to it I can NOT take the Percoset, Darvocet or the Tylenol 3, they ALL make me sick by day 3 I wanted to... (84 replies)
... ernoon and am only working for about 5 hours..but i will tell you I am very tired..and weak but my throat is at a minor pain. ...i can see that i will probabally scab again... just by the holes in my throat..I would suggest if you plan on having this surgery you take 2 weeks off you will be sorry if you do not.. ... (84 replies)

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