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... So when you magically felt better, were all your scabs gone, and how long had they ALL been gone for? I still have 30-50% of them (the whitish gooey patches). Today is day 10 and I still need meds to eat and drink. Water which was previously fine irritates and burns, my previously safe mac n cheese now stings and so im eating more, but only because everyhting hurts, so it... (57 replies)
... Sorry I'm just now replying. By now you may be fine. I did have increasing tongue pain as the days went by towards the back along the sides. It hurt a LOT to move my tongue side to side and during the worse days or after talking more than usual I would sound like I was lisping or had a really bad cold. Eating and drinking pretty much always hurt and during the worst days... (47 replies)
... oice is so much better he was amazed said that it was so werid cause the stich wasnt on my voice box. I feel better but where he clipped it hurts so what. I hate yawning and sneezing hurts so bad. But I cant eat pretty much anything. I am going back to work next thursday give me more time to recover. ... (70 replies)

... Hi Tammy! My surgery was March 23 so as of today, I am on day 10 post-op (not including my surgery day). I have to say, today is the first day I have actually started to feel "normal" again. I ate a bowl of strawberries and milk for breakfast-my first solid food beyond Malt-o-meal. I still have a sore throat, but it is similar to having a common cold type sore throat. I... (70 replies)
... Today is my 17th day post op!:D I am soooo happy! Hang in there guys I promise it does get better. I have noticed when I yawn it still hurts really bad it feels like it is in the hinges of my jaw bone. So I started doing work outs for my jaw bone. I start by opening my mouth as wide as I can and doing vowels sounds A E I O U.... I repeated that as many times as I can. This has... (94 replies)
... Oh I noticed a bunch of you posted about the pain when yawning. My ENT told me that is because there was so much trauma to the muscles in that area that they are bruised, sore, and stiff. It WILL hurt for a while and he told me that could last a few days to a few weeks. Some people recommend gum. I didn't know that so I didn't try it. He gave me another shot of... (94 replies)
... I know the yawning is the worse! ... (94 replies)
... better so I did a midnight shift last night. I could not stop yawning and now my throat is on fire. ... (94 replies)
... my only main problem is yawning and sneezing hurts alot!!!! so am trying to avoid these! ... (28 replies)
... this morning i woke up and was yawning and inhaled deeply in and swallowed alot of phlem, i felt something hard go down the my throat started bleeding. guess it's time for more scabs to fall off. ... (30 replies)
... (DAY 9) Phoebs: Awesome! (Hugs back) So glad to hear that! My mom has even been chiming in asking about the two of you lol. When she comes over she says, "hows that girl in London doing? And the other girl?" Yeah, I have been eating 2 scrambled eggs every morning since day 4. That's about the only solid food I've been getting. I eat pureed vegetable soups now --... (82 replies)
... Oh hiccups! I hate them! That and yawning! I have broken open scabs yawning. Luckily those didn't bleed for more than a couple seconds. Hiccups hurt. I'm sorry you are in so much pain! I feel for you. I completely identify with the no talking thing only mine was bad for the first few days. Now I just sound funny and it hurts to talk too long but I know I need to move my jaw... (94 replies)
... e problem. I am running fever off and on and I think the scabs that I am swallowing is behind the nausea. I broke open my scabs in a few places because I started yawning again and of course that stretches the scabs and it is really hard not to yawn. The bleeding stopped but it has been rather stressful. ... (94 replies)
... ly have a somewhat constant ache in the lower part of my throat and my ears. I woke up with a dry mouth a couple of times even though I drank a lot and I started yawning again last night and noticed a tight pulling at the edge where my gums meet the scabs. ... (94 replies)
... To help with mucus I would recomend that you avoid all dairy products for the time being. I am now on day 9 and the sting is almost gone and the bruised feeling is now returning but much less bad then it was. If you still have the mucus I might try to blow my nose very gently I know this hurts, as does yawning, to try and stop it building up in the throat. I hope this... (5 replies)
... OK, it's been almost three weeks since my tonsillectomy and sinus surgery. I still have a sore throat but it's nothing major. The one thing that's driving me crazy is that I keep yawning. I mean a lot. ... (28 replies)
... ain withdrawal symptom I'm having from the roxicet is insomnia. I've had about 8 hours of sleep over the past three days. I don't feel exhausted at all but the yawning isn't what I'd like to be doing right now, pretty painful even when stifled. ... (19 replies)
Apr 20, 2008
... I have developed a small cough however, so coughing and yawning still hurt my throat, but I haven't needed my pain meds as much and of course it still bothers me most at night and in the morning... ... (31 replies)
Apr 18, 2008
... P.S. Too awake for sleep, too dehydrated for coffee, but yawning hurts. Lame. ... (31 replies)
... I could whisper and quietly talk right away but swallowing, hiccuping, yawning was agonizing. ... (2 replies)

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