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... bleeding off an on but nothing bad enough to go to the ER. My throat swelled up and I sound like a chipmunk when I try to talk so I try not to talk. I started yawning a lot for some reason on day 7 and that hurts BAD! The pain meds are still going down every 4 hours, but no food whatsoever. ... (165 replies)
... believe me I did everything I could to heal faster & relieve my pain! I did all the right things. Sometimes no matter what you do or try, while it might still be good for you, you will have continued pain. I drank all the water, took my vitamins religiously, ate popsicles & cold items, chewed on things like the gum. (89 replies)
... I keep telling people who've had the surgery to chew gum, because it helps a lot with the healing process. No one here on the board seems to believe me, but it's true! Because one of my biggest problems after the surgery was with yawning and sneezing - both of which hurt a LOT. But I kept chewing the gum and it helped heal all of that up faster. Anything that helps with... (89 replies)

... Hi, yes my experience has too proved to be easier than I thought. No bleeding, pain was very bad days 4 to 7 when it became hard to swallow water, but you have to keep going with it, distract yourself, take regular medication. By day 10 I was out and about collecting our french visitor. Now at day 13, still not eating spicy or acidic things and yawning is uncomfortable but I... (45 replies)
... This was a great site for me before my surgery, so I wanted to make sure I passed along my little tidbits. Things I found helpful and some things I think may not have been talked about enough. Here is my story. GolfingG and others take it for what it is worth. Male Age 24 in good health. I chose to take mine out because of constant minor sore throats and tonsil... (165 replies)
... day post op tonsillectomy progress report. Hi. This recovery progress is slow! ... (0 replies)
... You'll probably feel fine, just maybe some pain when yawning or sneezing. Nearing the end of my second week I lost all pain from sneezing but there's a tiny ache when I yawn. ... (165 replies)
... I had bleeding two weeks post-op, and it started after a sneezing fit that I had. In the beginning the bleeding wasn't that bad, kind of like an annoying gross trickle. Off to the hospital I went where my ENT sutured the side that was open. (this was like 17 years ago, but clear as today in my mind!) Upon arriving home I walked upstairs to lay down and watch TV, when all of... (2 replies)
... G'day all. Hope the day finds everyone in high(ish) spirits. :jester: I was grinning, thinking about the yawning... it's the funny faces people pull, when trying to stifle a yawn. Hehe! Adriane - I too can barely remember feeling on top form and I certainly cannot remember life without a sore throat! That has been going on for a long, long time. I should find out... (299 replies)
... Good question I never thought about yawning being a problem. I know you can't cough or clear your throat. ... (299 replies)
... BevS--I totally hear you on the yawning. I've been yawning non-stop today and it's pretty painful. And it seems the more I can't yawn, the more my body needs to yawn. How long has it been since you've had surgery? (299 replies)
... the left side. That is probably normal with all of the bleeding problems I have had with the left side. I have learned a couple of new pain "feelings" today. Yawning and sneezing are horrible. Yawning is a dull long pain and sneezing is a qucik sharp pain. ... (299 replies)
... Wow, that took a while to read all the posts since yesterday ! I'm back to work now and can't check in as often as before. rajraj: I had Tylenol #3 after my surger and as long as I took two every 4 hrs, I was OK (OK being that the pain was at least bearable, at no time did it go away, but it was bearable). Now, I had the conventional cut and cauterize surgery (I wish... (335 replies)
... I ate some of the noodles in my chicken soup! first solid. I feel saner today. Yawning and moving my tongue around is bad bad. ... (335 replies)
... Hi all. I had my first BIG meal tonight. Steak, baked potato and chocolate fondue for dessert. My throat looks a lot better!!! The only thing that really hurts is yawning. It is a very deep hurt when I swallow, but I would say I am 90% healed!!! To all of you having such a hard time, I PROMISE IT WILL GET BETTER!!!!!!!! JTodd- I am worried, haven't heard from you since you... (335 replies)
... Hi Everyone, for those of you about to have surgery, I know it's easy for me to say, but, you'll be just fine. I was FREAKING out for weeks beforehand and I know everyone around me was sick of me saying...'this is going to hurt, it's really going to hurt'. I had my surgery on Dec.16th - first 3 days were OK, then downhill from there - very painful, but just make sure you... (335 replies)
... blh4msu: I'm sorry to hear you still aren't feeling better and I feel bad reporting that I feel much, much better, almost 100%. I am no longer taking any pain meds. I do feel exhausted and worn out by the end of the day (I'm so used to napping throughout the day on the couch and now I'm on the go all day). I'm still not back to work, I'm on the road for my job and took... (335 replies)
... during tonsillectomies may not be perfectly suited for everyone's throat and mouth structure but getting peripheral damage to the surrounding throat area after a tonsillectomy does not sound right to me. ... (718 replies)
... I'm so weepy, keep yawning like crazy, my nose won't stop running and I feel so weak and unable to cope... ... (718 replies)
... I also agree with you guys about the gum, the only problem I had with it though was that my teeth and jaw were very sore and it was hard to chew the first 5 or 6 days, but I still did chew gum which made my teeth and jaw feel better faster... I am now on day 9, I still wake up a couple times a night with some ear pain and a need to drink water because it hurts to swallow with... (718 replies)

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