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Breaking down...
Jan 10, 2003
... I have been purging less, but in return eating as little as i possibly can. Today all i ate was dinner. It was chinese food . I've only purged twice today and that is taking a toll on my mind and body. ... (18 replies)
Why do I yo-yo?
Oct 31, 2002
... Let's celebrate! That is a HUGE accomplishment! I'm so proud of you. I know that just because you're eating and not purging DOESN'T mean you're 'recovered'. Or the fact that you're gaining weight. The thoughts are still there, maybe more than ever. Gaining weight is the TOUGHEST thing. ... (8 replies)
... It's been 3 days since I last purged!! YAY!! It's been the HARDEST three days, but I've pulled through and I'm so proud of myself and just EXCITED! ... (9 replies)

A post from katie
Oct 13, 2002
... ing that came with my weekend was that I didn't purge Friday or Saturday!! 2 days!! 2!!! YAY!!! Tonight, I wasn't as lucky!! I did purge and it was that terrible feeling where you're sad and happy. I don't know it's so hard to explain! ... (5 replies)
... Aww! Poor thing. I hope the therpy is ok in the end. It's always hard to ger back into doing stuff, isn't it? ... (22 replies)
... ike this i feel my stomach churn, i never make myself sick though, family and friends say i should seek help, but i just feel as if i would be wasting doctors time cos i dont think there is anything wrong with me, but i dont know why im like this, does anyone have any advice please? ... (4 replies)
... I am new to the boards and dealing with a major eating situation. You see at first I would eat whatever I wanted and didn't have to worry about gaining any wait at all. ... (3 replies)
Sep 12, 2002
... Second of all, I know how you feel about letting everyone down. I have this feeling on an almost daily basis. Recovery doesn't mean that one day you're sick and the next day you're COMPLETELY better. It's not like that. ... (4 replies)
... I'm feeling a lot better today. My purging has been minimal, and although I still purge, I'm feeling less and less bad about the food I eat. Seeing that picture of myself really scared me. ... (17 replies)
Aug 6, 2002
... Yep the title says it all I feel liek the biggest faliure in the world, when u read why u will probably think oh grow up and get a life. ... (2 replies)
Out of control
Mar 1, 2002
... First of all welcome pj27! Admitting your problem is the first step toward changing your life and fixing the problem. If this is the first time that you have admitted that you have a real problem, I assume that you're not in therapy or counseling. ... (5 replies)
Jan 17, 2002
... XXXXX Cloudy Daze.... I wish I could hug you 4 real....I can feel the pain u r feeling at the moment. ... (4 replies)
... hey...u are SO NOT A COW....or either u just stand n a field all day, eat grass, and moo.... ... (13 replies)
Relapse Nightmare
Oct 21, 2001
... Well, I've had 3 whole good days now. Back in control. I hate it when I lapse and shove food in like there's no tomorrow and then spend hours with my head down the loo getting it all out again. It really scares me that I've been lapsing a lot in the last couple of months with everything going on. ... (4 replies)
... At this present moment in time I hate myself, I feel fat and bloated. ... (0 replies)
... I haven't been posting much lately, as things in my life were seemingly on the upswing. I'm trying very hard to eat healthily now, but I have gained weight and it is causing me extreme depression. ... (2 replies)
... I plead to any of the young women or men out there who are constantly purging or on the extreme end of anorexia to get infront of the mirror, i know the mirror isnt your friend...but try, now get a friend or family member, or someone you consider skinny...take a good look and compare.. ... (18 replies)
... It gets dark fast at this time of the year. An icy wind sweeps through the street. I am terribly cold. My teeth are chattering loudly. ... (2 replies)
My eating disorder
Jul 25, 2001
... I believe I was anorexic after I had my daughter. I just didn't want to eat. It started out as me just wanting to get the baby fat off but then I got to the point where eating much really made me sick and want to throw up which I never got into. ... (22 replies)
... Everytime I do eat something I feel awful. My dad forced me to eat a big dinner tonight and after I ate I felt sick to my stomach and I still do right now. I was feeling good because I hadn't eaten anything for the whole other part of the day and i felt light.I hardley eat anything and it's getting less and less. ... (3 replies)

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