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Too long for a letter now....

Last night, another EMS/ER trip for sz....had the ER bag set to go with a tag attached that said take to ER, wth my wallet. [U]When I saw it next, it had a paper tag attached that said "Take Home Bag"....I only have it for getting my clothes hacked off, and needing a shirt and /or slippers, if I'm barefoot....also some disposable u-wear for "in case".[/U]
Then, whenever it was, the doc comes in- waking me up- and [B]says he needs to find me a nursing home- I need to be intstitutionalized [/B]for frequent seizures- and they don't even see any that don't go on to a second or third- I'm working on adjusting meds. It takes time. It's not just one flippin' med.

[B]Accused me of taking to many meds[/B]. (so I need a nursing home????)

I'd be fired for similar treatment of a 'customer'. The judgmental attitude is getting horrendous. I can't afford somewhere else, due to cab fares home, and they also are giving me a 70% discount until LTD insurance payments kick in again.

I did write to the ER nurse manager about the above. It's getting ridiculous. Told them we could all be thrilled I'd no longer be landing there in 2 months, and whatever their problem is with seizure patients, don't know what to tell them- we're out here, and doing the best we can. I go out of my way after waking up to not bother them for anything, or ask for anything. What's the d*%# problem??? I'm not yelling and screaming, asking for stuff every 5 minutes, throwing things, spitting or providing other flying bodily fluids at them (as I've received too many times to count-and I rarely do any direct care in my field), etc....what else do they want?

I'm angry, and scared about going there. It's become a judgmental and humiliating place to go, but what do I do with being totally alone, and not knowing if the seizures are progressing, when I'm already heading for at least the second when I call 911???? I'm not thinking clearly enough to get meds. I'm barely thinking. And time is limited, to get safe. Guess it's better to stay home and hope I wake up the next day, and if not, be sure they get front row seats at the funeral.:blob_fire

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