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Most of what I know about what a seizure feels like is what the recovery is because I have complex partials that sometimes generalise. I usually don't get an aura like many people do, if I do I feel very cold for a few seconds or I can't stay awake. When I come around after a seizure, I hurt, my mouth is bleeding, sometimes I break bones and I feel very depressed. I think that's the worst part of it all.
I'm sorry mamm but please be glad you don't know what it feels like to have a seizure.It's not pleasent.::confused:
[QUOTE=what?]I'm sorry mamm but please be glad you don't know what it feels like to have a seizure.It's not pleasent.::confused:[/QUOTE]
That's right-my seizures are the type that you don't know they are coming-you just know that there was a lapse of time. I've had 1-2 grand mal on xmas 1999-was taken to the hospital-don't even remember much of that day! My case was sent to a nero clinic that was able to work with me-and I had surgery in 2003. Have been seizure free for about 3 years. I was lucky that the surgery helped me. As I look at my type of epilepsy-it seems like nothing-but it was still a big pain for me or anyone who has it. I've had it my whole life. cherie
DO NOT TAKE THIS LITTERALLY, it is an example of how it feels having a seizure. Plug yourself into the wall of 110VAC (I.E. shock) loss of blatter black out, feeling "numb". When comming back you are disorientated, not sure how much time has lapsted. In my case speach is impaired, but I can understand what is being spoken. I just can't speak back to the EMT's who are trying to help me (thus they rush me to the hospital).

The seizure experience cannot be fully understood unless you have had a episode. Be it alcohol (or drug) overintoxication or neurogical. They are NOT enjoyable and the medications the Emergency Rooms inject are long lasting and NOT effects we care to have repeated; even though it often happens in repitition.

Think of it as your computer crashing, and YOU being the computer. The reboot may be sleeping it off, or a massive dose of medications provided by the hospital emergency room.


P.S. I found out in my OWN experiences that it was best NOT to go to the ER if I did not have physical injuries. The drug overdoses did not help me, but HINDER me in almost all of the cases.
There are more seizures than just grand-mal, I have petit-mal seizures, very very very strange sensation, can be different every time I have a seizure. Been told my head goes to the left side (I have left-frontal lobe epilepsy), my eyelids flutter, nose tweaks, lick my lips. Personally I go hot then cold, have to sit & put everything down, ALWAYS put my head in my hands, don't know why, feel sick, mouth feels dry, sometimes aware that I am having a seizure, went shopping once & was having a full blown conversation whilst having a seizure, stood there talking 2 the door at 1 point, thats when my friend walked off & left me arguing with a flipping wall!!
People notice if I am having a seizure but its weird when I am able to have a conversation at the same time!
I have had 3 grand-mals & have been epileptic since I was 18, 30 now, so I do think I'm lucky in that respect, unfortunately in 12 years not a day has gone by when I haven't had a seizure, have between 5 & 10 a day, love to have a day when I don't have 1.
[QUOTE=what?;2711901]I'm sorry mamm but please be glad you don't know what it feels like to have a seizure.It's not pleasent.::confused:[/QUOTE]

I am so grateful to have never had a seizure. I would just like to know because I've seen people have seizures and I want to know how it feels when it's happening... like a girl I know says it feels like she is trapped in her own body. I am getting many helpful responses and now I can support that girl I know with Epilepsy correctly.
Well, I'm new to this board, and reading this thread makes me thankful for my situation. I"ve been epileptic since I was 5, and I'm 34 now, so I've got a bit of experience to draw on. I've been medicated my whole life, including during pregnancy.

Anyway, my first seizures were petit mal - we called them mind blanks. There are lots of formal names on this site I'm not familiar with - maybe an absense seizure?? I didn't feel them at all. Didn't even realize I'd had one unless someone told me. Just stopped talking or playing and then started again.

Since my early teens I've had grand mal. What does it feel like?? For me, thankfully I guess, nothing. I get no forwarning. The first I know of it is when I wake up. I usually wake up once, very disoriented and woozy. Depending on the situation, I either go straight back to sleep, or stagger to a place where I can. I'll usually wake up about 1/2 hour later again. At this point I'm coherent enough to realize what happened, but still non-functional. I then go back to sleep for at least 6 hours.

I've been seizure free (thankfully) for about 10 years. For about 8 years before that, all my seizures were nocturnal. Strangely, having a seizure in bed doesn't necessarily make it easier. I've dislocated my shoulder, and bit my tongue so seriously I almost lost it!! :-) Before that they were during the day. I've fallen off the stage at a school, and various other fun situations. But for me - I don't feel the seizure coming, I don't experience the seizure itself except as a blank spot in my memory for about an hour - time is just missing. I only experience the side effects!! I've also never been taken to hospital, so haven't had to experience all the fun drugs it sounds like some people are subjected to!

In reading these posts I just wanted to share this. I consider myself very lucky, and want people to know that it isn't all bad. In fact, I reached a point in my life where I don't even think about seizures anymore - and I used to have them very predictably (at least once a week). Epilepsy is just a part of me, and doesn't affect my day-to day.

However, my daughter has febrile seizures (She's 3). I've got to say that, although I understand how she feels, watching someone you care about have a seizure is the scariest thing in the world - even if you know and understand the process.

Hope this helps!
MY pattern- (complex partial seizures)
Aura- feels like a weird sensation in my chest
Seizure- (have to rely on witnesses for this since I don't remember)- blinking, chewing, left face twitching/pulling, and left arm stiffness
Post-ictal- hearing, vision, and speech come back slowly, then I just want to sleep; if someone can ask me yes/no questions during the few minutes I'm awake, I will nod/shake my head, but speech is too complicated. Then I sleep very hard for up to several hours. When I wake up, I feel worn out, and like I've been hit by a bus. Sometimes (especially at night, when I have no clue what happens) I wet the bed.

When it first starts, I just want to get away from people so they don't see it.

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