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... I do floss and brush every time I eat anything, but the swollen of the gums just started about six months ago... ... (3 replies)
... I do floss and brush every time I eat, but I started getting swollen gums about six months ago. ... (3 replies)
... I have been on Dilantin for years and have EXCELLENT gums. Do you floss and brush right after you eat anything? ... (3 replies)

... I've been taking phenobarbital 100mg twice a day for 30yrs and dilantin 100mg tablets 3 times a day for absent seizures for over 20yrs. But my gums are very swollen. About 6 months ago my doctor switched it to keppra 500 mg but I had anxiety attacks, so now I'm back to dilantin. ... (3 replies)
... Dilantin does not always effect one's gums. i have been on it for over 50 years and have beautiful gums and what has helped me a great deal is flossing and brushing. If you look up the side effects of most drugs,what you read may scare you. ... (2 replies)
... Hi! I'm seriously thinking about getting off Dilantin after 24 years of use. 300mg a day. Have horrible problem with gums. ... (0 replies)
... cstinner, I switched off of Dilantin long ago because of side effects -- mianly the swelling of gums. You couldn't get me off my Lamictal. I found something after 26 years that controls my GMs. One time my Dr asked if I wanted to try another cuz I still have CPs. I told him "NO WAY". (21 replies)
... So frustrating. I think I might just stay on Dilantin for now and just keep doing my research! ... (21 replies)
... cause they tried to take me off Dilantin. For the most part, I forget that I even have epilepsy. Believe me, I feel blessed. The only side effects that I have on Dilantin are issues with my gums. I also had problems taking tests, but now that I am 37, that doesn't really apply. So I am extremely scared of changing meds. My Dr. ... (21 replies)
... All of a sudden, I started getting aura's and I had a couple of seizures. The dilantin had been pretty effective over the course of the seventeen years i was on it. ... (22 replies)
... I wasnt aware of the ageing aspect of the drug but I am glad I have heard of it. My main thing is that my gums have swollen rather drastically. When i was real young the sasme thing happened and so I was switched to other meds but the seizures just kept happening. ... (4 replies)
... I was put on dilantin at age 4,and when I lost my baby teeth,my gums were so thick that my adult teeth were not coming through,so my parents took me to a dentist and he had to cut my gums,I walked in with no front teeth and walked out with all my teeth showing.Now many years later since I have been on dilantin,I have peridontal disease and have to have my teeth... (9 replies)
... My dentist had an interesting insight into the swelling of gums caused by Dilantin. ... (9 replies)
... Dilantin does cause your gums to swell-I took it for years as a kid...I did all the flossing etc, that needs to be dentist sent me to have gum surgery-where they were cut back..they look much better! (9 replies)
... Hi, ReadyRudy. My gums are still ruined, to this day, thanks to the Dilantin that I was put on when I was 10 years old when my seizures first began, and I was on Dilantin for nine years. I took 3 D. ... (9 replies)
Dilantin levels
Dec 21, 2007
... was switched over to generic Dilantin. Had a breakthrough sz within a week. Same thing...but pharmacist told us to see dr. first. Well, it appeared that generic Dilantin at the same dosage level did not deliver as much Dilantin to my blood. So we upped the dosage. ... (9 replies)
Dilantin levels
Nov 29, 2007
... If you still have the dilantin that you were using at the time, send it to the manufacturer and the fda. If not, call the fda anyway and relay the info plus the lot number. ... (9 replies)
Dilantin levels
Nov 27, 2007
... s and my dosage wasn't working so my doctor checked my levels and they had dropped. She raised my dosage to 700mg. As a result, I started having the shakes, my gums were bleeding. I was told that for some people, dilantin can only work for so long and then it loses its effectiveness. ... (9 replies)
... How much Dilantin were you on? ... (9 replies)
... Despite good oral hygiene, when I was on Dilantin, my gums swelled up so badly that frequent visits to the dentist were always necessary. ... (9 replies)

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