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... ot have too experiment with various other seasonings and have what I would like to find out is there some others that the general population knows of that affect epilepsy and cause seizures in ANY way and all. ... (1 replies)
... Hi I find that if I have anything high in sugar mostly white. I will have siezures. If I Have Ice Coffee Strong. Ordinary Coke or Pepsi. Ice Cream Beer. Pineapple or any other fruit product high with sugar. If I have sugar called LO-GI Diet Coke Or Zero (1 replies)
... Hi Craig I find if I have anything high in sugar. i will possibly have a seizure. Oranges grapes chocolate Coke. If I have a sugar witch is called Lo- Gi I seem to do OK. (1 replies)

Memory problems
Apr 4, 2018
... Yes that is a good way. Some people I do is ryme them with something. Like dan Pan. I alwas have done that. If I don't write it down now forget it. Now going back to grade school my kindergarden teacher mrs stamp i can go way back remember so much but now forget it. I'm 50 by the way (2 replies)
Memory problems
Apr 3, 2018
... I never had epilepsy but I do have a problem with names. I was talking to a few of my neighbors one evening and one of them had the first name of Allison and another was Lisa. ... (2 replies)
What happened?
Mar 23, 2018
... I had only one major epileptic fit in childhood. And I was lucky enough to be treated on time. But ever since then, I felt that my memory became weak. At present, I have trouble recalling things at work. And sometimes I feel very mentally exhausted. As in, my head feels so empty and drained for some reason. Is it because of unhealthy schedule, stress or epilepsy? (2 replies)
... s and one MRI had not shown any abnormalities, but that it must be epilepsy since all the symptoms matched. ... (0 replies)
... I would just like to find out before I eat any if Clementine oranges affect epilepsy in any way. ... (1 replies)
... Cinnamon have on epilepsy , good or bad. ... (1 replies)
... For the past year Ive been having this uncontrollable eye movement where I look up or my eyes roll back into my head. I am aware and can talk through this but I have absolutely no control over it. For about 3 months I had a constant headache and my eyes were doing that every single day atleast twice so my doctor put me on topomirate. Since being on it my headache has gone away... (0 replies)
... Heya Everyone, how are we? I will try to keep this brief. The past 6m or so my 14yr old son has been having what the doctors think are absent seizures where he totally blanks out and has no idea what is going on around him - nor any recollection of what happened during these times. He also started to become very "clumsy" around this time too where he would black out for a... (0 replies)
... erwise, those are just common test that are done in order to diagnose Epilepsy. At this point, with the information you gave, there's no way to know what type of epilepsy she has or the severity of it. Only the doctor can determine that. ... (1 replies)
... for anyone with epilepsy, do you guys have medical id bracelets? if so what type? usb ones, simple ones, qr code ones? (0 replies)
... I also have juvenile myclonic epilepsy, and I also take keppra. When I was first diagnosed two years ago I felt a bit off after I had my first gramole seziure, I still have partial seziures everyday and if I have a lot of them then I start to feel kind of loopy and I forget what I'm talking about mid sentence. It's really annoying but I am not good at remembering to take my... (2 replies)
... Hi new too this forum was diagnosed with juvenile myclonic epilepsy I suffer from tonic clonic seizures usually 2-4 at a time been put on keppra since my last seizures 3 weeks ago which was 4 seizures 2 at home and 2 in hospital had too get adreline during 4th seizure I've noticed I've been suffering from short term memory loss have too write everything down or text my fiance... (2 replies)
... Sounds sort of how I felt when I said yes to surgery over 3 years ago. Options had pretty much been used up at that point. Are they looking at other medicine options, or possibly surgery/implant? The Neuropace only recently was given approval from FDA for use in epilepsy.. Different than the other implants (VNS/DBS) that go off in programmed cycle, the RNS NeuroPace is... (1 replies)
... Hello All, My son was recently diagnosed with abdominal epilepsy. We are planning on treating this with neurofeedback which I understand is very effective. I am looking for others who have this condition and can offer feedback. Lisa (0 replies)
... I have been diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy by the Mayo Clinic. I am not having a lot of luck finding a medication to control my seizures. ... (0 replies)
... Hi there everyone I'm in a place safe. I've been here before where they keep track of all your epilepsy seizures. Your on camera etc. I've been threw this so many times its to the point where nothing can be done. All meds used brain surgery done. Now what. ... (1 replies)
Epilepsy pills
Nov 30, 2014
... I have had epilepsy since I was 14 and am now way over the hill. ... (5 replies)

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