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... of chemo, radiation, physical and speech therapy, his life was taken. He passed away when I was 15. In my research on this subject, I have learned that nocturnal epilepsy occurs in the frontal lobe. I'm sickened to death to think I may have a brain tumor. I can't get into my PCP until JULY!!! I am so mad about this.... ... (2 replies)
... hi, can anyone tell me are there any food that i should eat to help with the seizures,- I'm a woman in my 40's, starting peri-meno., & have epilepsy. thanks. (0 replies)
... I first started having nocturnal seizures this last summer and have had a total of 9 or 10, each being spread out over about a month and a half to two months. I had no idea what was happening to me, I just kept waking up with a mangled tongue and dislocated shoulders and the occasional wet bed. After my last nocturnal seizure I woke up in a pool of blood (from tongue) and... (2 replies)

... Okay, thanks for replying. I guess what I'm trying to figure out is if me joking about my own seizures is disrespectful to other people with epilepsy, and you're saying yes from what I understand. Sometimes it's just how I cope, and I only really do it with my husband. I'm very new to this and learning how to cope. I suppose what we say privately is my business, but I will be... (8 replies)
... you're right, you hear about every other illness, ailment,etc under the sun(and I'm not saying other illness' shouldn't de discussed as much as they are,they should)- but when it comes to epilepsy, you hardly ever hear of it. And that's why people react the way they do sometimes,-because they "just- don't- know". I know that. I don't necessarily agree with the joking or... (8 replies)
... one a couple of days ago and I looked at the results online and it says "Other Convulsions". My other doctor, the neurologist, had me diagnosed with intractable epilepsy and I have a VNS implant in my chest. Why is this so different? ... (1 replies)
Epilespy and MS.
Apr 1, 2014
... thanks for your response. Since posting that, I've gotten a copy of neurologist report which says that my epilepsy could be relate to MS. Is kinda rare to have MS and epilepsy I think. Guess I just happen to be one of those people. ... (2 replies)
... It most likely is not what happened to your dad, so try not to dwell on that. I would suspect it's a drug side effect. Look up all the side effects of Celexa. If possible, with your doctor's help, try to wean off all antidepressants and see if the symptoms subside. By that time it will be July and you can see your PCP. Take care :-) (2 replies)
Just problems :(
Apr 1, 2014
... hello, I only know about the epilepsy part of your question,if i'm reading it correctly, you're saying that even though you're on meds. youre still having smaller seizures? ... (1 replies)
Epilespy and MS.
Apr 1, 2014
... I thought they were havinng occasional seizures also. And when you read about MS, it has been mentioned that you can have both. What I got from if was that the epilepsy was kind of like side affect to the ms. not sure if i'm right. but if you think about it, they are both tthe nervous system. ... (2 replies)
... Just as an update, my EEG was unremarkable but I'm having an inpatient Video EEG in about a month. I feel fairly certain that psychogenic seizures are not the case for me, so I hope they will find something. In the mean time, I've been given Keppra so hopefully it helps. I have read from reliable sources including scientific journals that 50% of people with epilepsy will... (7 replies)
... Hi there - I'm currently on 3000mgs of Keppra, and 400mg Tegretol. I started off on the lowest dosage of Keppra when seizures began in August last year, and had dosage gradually increased as my seizures were still occurring. Tegretol was added as a result of this, and have now not had any seizures for 5 months. Have been on Keppra for nearly 8 months now, and I have... (8 replies)
... and I haven't particularly noticed a lot of jokes about epilepsy or seizures myself. I am bothered by not only the lack of knowledge about epilepsy and seizures, but the fear some people have toward them. ... (8 replies)
... Thanks for your reply. As far as being checked for other things, I haven't been tested for any vitamin deficiencies or anything. My electrolytes were tested when I went in after a seizure and they were normal. I'm not on any meds yet, except Meloxicam which is for arthritis, which is supposedly osteoarthritis but the full testing for rheumatoid arthritis was never done on me.... (2 replies)
... Let me try to address this to the best of my abilities point by point. intermittent severe fatigue: Feeling exhausted can be understood AFTER a GM. Not off/an during the day. I've experienced fatigue as a side effect of medications. Often we need to wait until the medications normalize in the body, or adjust how often we take the medication (change from 2x/day to 3 or... (2 replies)
... Hi, I have a few seemingly vague symptoms without explanation right now and I'm wondering if there could possibly be a connection to epilepsy. I also have simple and complex partial seizures regularly, so I'm not asking just to ask... intermittent severe fatigue full-body stiffness, especially in the morning, especially in cold or rainy weather pain that feels like... (2 replies)
... It definitely sounds like seizures. I don't think migraine auras ever have any physical symptoms in terms of strange feelings/movements in the limbs. The flashing sunlight through trees giving you that effect also makes me think of epilepsy- photosensitive seizures. I definitely think you should go to the doctor. They will probably send you to get an EEG and MRI. (6 replies)
... Hi I have been having these wierd things happening to me over the last ten months, first it starts with my vision going all swirly, I dont get the jagged patterns or spots per say, its more like everything is going off into the distance, and then I get everything swirling around in circles this lasted for about three to four minutes then I get pins and needles down both arsms... (6 replies)
... What form of epilepsy do you have? ... (5 replies)
... What form of epilepsy do you have? ... (5 replies)

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