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... Is it possible that epileptic seizures ALWAYS have a trigger or do they usually have at least some episodes with unprovoked causes? ... (0 replies)
... weak sensations on one side of his body. They only last a few seconds then disappear. He can have around 3 a day and then nothing for weeks. He has said they're not your typical Deja Vu like most people experience, these leave him quite unnerved. ... (0 replies)
... Okay, so here's what happened last night. I think my husband had a seizure in his sleep. He swears up and down this is not the case. ... (11 replies)

... is is too scarry they are coming closer and clser together too i had 4 today and i called the hospital and they did say its not save to be alone so when my hubby is at work and my kids start school the 14th will i be ok or what and also what if your head hurts nonstop and nothing i take will take the horrible pain away . ... (10 replies)
... on the porch with my husband and sitting in the chair and had a seizure what is happening to me why do i have 1 everyday now does this mean its getting worse or what they scare me to dealth and yes afterwards it makes me feel so tired ,why would i be having them everyday ? ... (10 replies)
... does sound like a tonic clonic seizure. ... (4 replies)
... First of all, welcome to the boards. Second, you've posted on a thread that's 2 years old and the last post was in Nov. 2009. Yes, it does sound like seizures. How old are you? ... (9 replies)
... What you describe doesn't sound like the type of seizure you're thinking of. My husband has those, and they definitely can't be described as "flailing". ... (11 replies)
... You should make an appt. with a neurologist. That sounds like epilepsy. Get an EEG and MRI to be sure what you are describing is not a seizure. My son has epilepsy and some of your symptoms sound like what happens to him. He gets hot and a rising sensation in his stomach. ... (8 replies)
... Sounds like she may need to see a doctor. ... (2 replies)
... I am sure glad THIS thread is still around. ... (7 replies)
... but you definately need to go back to a neurologist and have some testing done! An EEG and MRI are in order, I would say! And it does sound like you're having partial seizures, IMHO. I was having them for up to three years before I had my grand mal seizure. I thank GOD I wasn't driving when it happened. ... (3 replies)
... like if it's a 'normal' seizure for you, when to not call an ambulance, and when to let you sleep it off, and when to note that something is different and get you help. ... (7 replies)
... Hopefully getting on meds will help. Sometimes it takes a few different meds to find one that works, so don't feel defeated if the first one doesn't do what you hoped. ... (10 replies)
... Well, I'm new to this board, and reading this thread makes me thankful for my situation. I"ve been epileptic since I was 5, and I'm 34 now, so I've got a bit of experience to draw on. I've been medicated my whole life, including during pregnancy. ... (32 replies)
... june and july and now they are coming allmost everyday sometimes just every other day i think its possible its stress causing my seizures which i do believe it is my head hurts constandly but my thyrold is way up its 9. ... (42 replies)
... p is under control. ... (42 replies)
... hi i'm sorry to here your having a tought time, i get like that occasionally. ... (3 replies)
... DO NOT TAKE THIS LITTERALLY, it is an example of how it feels having a seizure. ... (32 replies)
... For sure get in to see a Neuro. ... (1 replies)

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