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... A few things to add which compliment what Naxis stated: you burn calories 3 ways Metabolism (70%) TEE (Thermal Effect of Eating) - 15% TEA (thermal effect of Activity / Exercise) - 15% Therefore: 1. the more often you eat, the more you burn hence, eat frequently. This does of course mean to eat the correct foods as Naxis and others descirbed (more protien, foods... (13 replies)
... bread and rice will spike your blood sugar and ultaimtly make it harder for you to loose weight. There are websites you can visit that could assist you in which foods have low and relativly low GI and Glycimic Loads. ... (4 replies)
... re advice you to eat 1g of protein per pound of weight. However, for health, it's advised to eat .5g of protein per pound of weight. Anyways you can supplement with a good "whey protein" shake. Optimum Netrition is a good brand. ... (5 replies)

... y quite a bit. I'm surprised nobody even mentions tuna. Gosh, it's got to be one of my favorite proteins. A whole can of tuna is maybe 200 calories. Combine that with boiled egg whites and put on toasted got two fairly big sandwiches. And it's low calorie and huge protein. If you're really hardcore... ... (9 replies)
... ice the meat thinly if it is slightly frozen. Generally speaking, the leaner the meat, the better for jerky. Remove ALL visible fat! For peppery jerky, sprinkle with pepper right after placing on the drying rack. This pepper will "stick" to the jerky . ... (9 replies)
... Most of my protein comes from: Soy - baked tofu, soy-dogs, edamame, Boca burgers eggs - better 'n eggs and hard boiled whey - shakes, added to oatmeal etc beans - 10 bean "soup" mixes rock with rice (9 replies)
Protien foods?
Apr 26, 2001
... Can anyone out there help direct me to a site or post here what foods are high in protien and the best to eat while trying to eat very little carbs? ... (3 replies)
... You may want to keep a food diary for a few days and try to determine your current protein intake. The usual recommendation for those doing light activity is only 0.8g per kg of body weight. However, this is widely considered to be suboptimal for those doing a lot of exercise or heavy weight training. Depending on the level of activity, various recommendations for greater... (3 replies)
Whey protein???'s
Oct 21, 2008
... rts. It will help to relieve the next day stiffness and keep you on a regular workout routine. If you absolutly feel protien would work best for you, eat healthy with the yogurt and foods as recomended in the other post and only use protien after workouts where you feel like you might hit the floor lol! ... (3 replies)
... What foods should I stay away from? ... (1 replies)
... Ok since you have brougth these foods up, is it ok to eat 2 eggs a day, everyday? ... (8 replies)
... You have to overload your body with higher quality foods. Go for pastas, rice, potatoes, and cut out the fast food because it does absolutly nothing for someone who has a high metabolism. ... (2 replies)
... e 18 July. I simply started weight training again and used the weight watchers points system as a guide to how I was eating. It helps you assign a point value to foods so you can tally points and regulate how much you intake daily. You just need an items Calories, fat and fiber to know how many points it's worth. ... (3 replies)
... I don't diet, but I am conscience of what I eat, I drink daily requirments for water, snack on healthy foods and keep "Protien" rich foods in my daily meals. ... (7 replies)
... I probubly get about 125 g of protien a day maybe or maybe less, depends on what i eat that day. I am seeing results in the gym in terms of strength. ... (7 replies)
I have a question
Mar 16, 2005
... I did a lot of cardio along with my regular lifting to loose the weight. ... (1 replies)
Im baffled
Feb 20, 2005
... when i lifted I'd have a protein shake after I lift. An Egg beaters omlet or about 5 egg whites with skim milk and a peice of fruit. Between that time and dinner I usually only eat a peice of fruit and maybe Id have some handful of cereal or somthin. ... (2 replies)
... inbetween breakfast and lunch.. and also in between lunch and dinner and of course, after dinner. Then, instead of stocking your house with junk food, try finding sweet alternatives. I am doing a "low carb" diet plan for over 2 yrs and have really found some great foods to help my sweet tooth. ... (14 replies)
... fast foods are usually higher in calories than grocery foods, there is no bad food, you just need moderation. ... (1 replies)
Love Handles!?!
Jun 23, 2004
... in the mornings i have tea with one sugar and eat toast with butter and vegimite. for the past week i have been getting subway footlong clubs. i love subway and i think its healthy for me..? ... (3 replies)

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