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... If you've hit a plateau, then some strength training should help. Revamping your diet should too. What toning exercises are you doing? ... (5 replies)
... Has anyone got any good advice for all over body toning exersises? ... (1 replies)
... hape you will see your short of breath problems diminish, and you can accelerate your workouts. People have fought heart problems, diabetes, and even cancer with good nutrition and exercise, so your short of breath problem is definitely manageable, and likely can be completely overcome. ... (5 replies)

... now some ladies who would go for walks around the neighborhood and lost a lot of weight doing that. You just have to keep up with it! I like to download a lot of good music for my Ipod and don't let myself listen to it except for during my workouts so it's something to look forward to. ... (5 replies)
... Lunges and squats are great for building muscle. These are good to do in addition to the cardio exercise above to get your legs looking good. It will firm them up while the cardio will burn fat. ... (5 replies)
... good toning moves for inner thigh - - lie on your back, arms by your sides. lift your legs into the air, knees slightly bent. make sure your lower back is touching the floor. then bring your legs outwards and slowly in again. its not very lady like! but its good, and you can feel it working as you repeat the move. - lie on your side, propping your head on your hand.... (2 replies)
... What are some good exercises (no machines...) for the *butt* (to lift and tone...need a lil muscle there lol) What about for the upper arms (biceps, triceps)? What about for the upper back? Calves? I need some really good, effective exercises for these areas b/c I'm trying to get toned up for *prom* I'm pretty slender and stuff right now...but I just need a lil bit of... (4 replies)
... Ok i'm changing my workout routine when October starts so I will look for good back exercises to throw in, I do this for 7 days with days in between workout days, like day1 day2 day3 day4 then repeat day1 without a break (day 4 really is like a break, except for running). Thanks for the delts thing, I meant the muscles on top or on the side of your neck, more on top of... (11 replies)
Toning and Cardio
May 30, 2004
... obliques. Are there any really effective exercises for these areas, particularly inner thighs, cause I'm only noticing a slight difference and it might just be in my imagination! ... (4 replies)
... There are some really good videos that I like to use for that area. I switch up a lot because I get bored with the same routine and even really good exercises when repeated a lot of times become less effective if you don't use some alterations. ... (1 replies)
... In your workout I would also suggest some shoulder work as well. "Good mornings" aren't really that necessary, so I would work more on exercises that focus on the muscles that are worked during good mornings. ... (3 replies)
... Also, can toning exercises reduce your breast size in any way? ... (5 replies)
... suit skirts, and I don't know the last time I've actually been seen in a bathing suit. So I'm really looking for some exercises that will tone and slim down my legs a bit. ... (12 replies)
... u firm up! I find that cardio helps me slim down, but to really tighten up my body, strength training works best. Try doing lots of lunges and squats and similar exercises for your lower half. You can hold smaller weights while doing them to make them more challenging if you need to. ... (12 replies)
Slimmer arms
Feb 26, 2009
... For sculpting and toning the arms, you should be using lighter weight and doing higher reps (like 15+ reps). In my experience, I've found that one of the best toning exercises for arms and shoulders is good, old-fashioned pushups. (1 replies)
... training and toning exercises, such as lunges, squats etc. ... (2 replies)
... Aside from deadlifts, what are some good exercises that don't require equipment(I don't currently go to the gym) that can tone this area? Also, to the OP-- what have you done, and what did you find most successful to solve your problem? (9 replies)
Weird body
Nov 21, 2008
... ups, then back to bicycle crunches, and so on. My abs are usually screaming after these 2 exercises. The key is to do them slowly and correctly. Good luck! ... (1 replies)
... Punkybear, body composition is something you CAN change. I'd recommend staying with the current exercises you've been already performing but in addition to those, implement both step-ups on a leveled bench and my favorite Angled Leg Presses with your feet placed up high up on the platform. Use a decent weight that can allow you to perform 3 to 4 sets of 12-15 repetitions.... (9 replies)
Toning up skin
Feb 28, 2008
... I have seen in magazines and on TV where people have done this, and it all looks good in the pictures, but as much as I am trying, nothing seems to help. I am especially concerned with the underarm tricep area and also the hip area!! ... (10 replies)

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