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... mend a combination of training to increase your stamina. I usually jog three days a week, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. That gives me a day in between each jogging session in which I usually strength train. Then I rest completely on the weekends. ... (4 replies)
... i'm no expert, but i'm a big fan of not pushing myself (i'm a runner), so personally i prefer gradual time increases to build stamina. for me, an extra five minutes ain't gonna do anything to my state of mind, but tell me to run faster for two minutes and it feels like the longest two minutes of my life! just a personal thing, but here's what i'd recommend: first, make... (4 replies)
... Keep jogging at a steady pace and just keep extending the time each session. ... (4 replies)

... Thanks for the feedback, gives me a couple of options to try. (4 replies)
... Alternate days and gradual increases got me from couch to marathon in 53 weeks. Do a long run each week. Increase the long run by 10% each week. Increase the total weekly mileage by 10%. Remember to get other exercise as well. Enjoy. (4 replies)
... and have now resumed 6 months ago and have built up my body muscular and strength with stamina, now I have decided to add jogging to the mix. ... (5 replies)
Jul 13, 2004
... It may be worth it, im not experienced at all with heart rate monitors. What I am experienced with though is getting into shape. Its hard to properly give you a recomendation when I know so little about you, like I say to a lot of people, tell me your age, wieght, and so on... Then, I can understand your situation a little more and go from there. But, if you are... (6 replies)
... every day. I can feel an increase in my stamina and endurance but still don't see much change around my middle. ... (9 replies)
... I’m a guy, and I'm 5’3” and weigh 130 pounds, so I’m not terribly overweight. But besides delivering and handling heavy boxes for the company I work for (I do it once every two months) and gym in high-school, I have never exercised. Whenever I attempt a push up, I can barely do it, and when I run for 5 minutes, it seems like I’m going to have a heart attack. So now I'm... (1 replies)
... ly, i've decided to get in shape again. I don't want to train with weights yet, because that's just so cosmetic, but i want to do the real deal and gain all that stamina and endurance that i've wanted. This means cardiovasculars and calisthenics. ... (11 replies)
... and have left my weight go to 196lbs.I know that's a bit too high but as I have always been a naturally fit guy the weight doesn't seem to affect me stamina wise and I carry the weight quite well,I'm stocky not flabby if you understand. ... (2 replies)
... y slow speed when you begin jogging. The first few minutes are always the hardest for me. By the 10 minute mark, the euphoria usually kicks in. Energy, speed and stamina increase and running becomes enjoyable. ... (4 replies)
Fitness help
May 4, 2009
... I'm trying to build up my stamina and wanted some advise on how to do so. I was thinking about jogging but haven't jogged or ran in like 9 years since high school. ... (3 replies)
... ike a stabbing feeling, my throat was raw, and my chest was already pounding. I used to run all the time, I can't imagine that I would go from having pretty good stamina to none at all in such a short amount of time. ... (2 replies)
... You might try doing something with the equipment you have, say, Situps or crunches (20, pause, 20, pause) Push-ups (as many as you can do) Some (no more than 3 sets of 10) tricep extensions and bicep curls with the dumbbells Walking, biking or jogging to develop your leg strength and stamina Then, when your parents have seen you doing it regularly for a few weeks,... (5 replies)
... ow. I've already researched hundreds of techniques and routines for exercise without equipment, and my aim is to just raise my general fitness level, increase my stamina and build a little bit of muscle. ... (13 replies)
Nov 28, 2005
... It took me 26 years to figure it out, but I've just realized that I enjoy sprinting more than jogging :D . Kidding aside, I'd really like to improve my speed and quickness. Running has always been a favorite exercise of mine, but due to an IT band injury and my current goals, I don't think distance running is an option any more. I have been doing some HIIT and fartlek,... (3 replies)
... aining, shin splints can be controlled and may eventually disappear. They normally occur when you run strenuously after not running for a while. If you try light jogging for a couple weeks, then slowly increase your rate until your running each time you work out after you've built up your stamina, you should be fine. ... (3 replies)
... What do you take the BB for?? (5 replies)
... I was taking a beta blocker torprol at 100 mg, and it definitly put a stop on any stamina in walking or jogging. ... (5 replies)

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