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... muscles need a day to rest, buy my husband tells me that legs can be worked everyday. I would think you would get very sore and stay sore if you did squats and lunges everyday. ... (8 replies)
... Please read the post once again. It was stated correctly the first time. Please be careful not to mis-quote. (8 replies)
... hi! just to clear up, no one on this thread said anything about that fact that you "should" extend your knee past your toes -- the first poster who described how to do a squat said to make sure your TOE extends past your KNEE -- i think the way that was written was just confusing, but it was correct technically, so no worries, i think everyone knows that your knee should... (8 replies)

... hour's worth of vigorous sqats and lunges yesterday, and I don't think I could again today. I'm sticking with a good, long, brisk walk tonight. ... (8 replies)
... I want to tone up my legs and arms and was planning on doing squats and lunges for the legs. ... (8 replies)
... hiya!! Ya know your doin your squats right when you can wiggle your toes. I had a instructor who always said, when you sit back enough to do propper squat, you should be able to wiggle those toes!!!! Also, put a chair behind you, and go down just enough so that your almost sitting, after doin that for a while, you'll be able to remove the chair. (8 replies)
... Thank You all so much for your responses!!Everyone is so nice on these boards.How long do you think it takes to show results if you're consistant?I already walk for exercise and I have a standing job.I also don't want to lose weight( I wouldn't care if I did, just really trying to tone!! )Do you think 6 weeks, or eight to see definite results? Again Thanks!!! (8 replies)
... Every other day! According to fitness professionals, your muscles (particularly in your rear end) need a day to rest. Crunches can be done every day.... (8 replies)
... past month and multivitamins, but have no idea why this is happening. For example, there is a 5 minute glute and thigh workout which is basically just squats and lunges and I used to be able to get through it, now, I can't even hold my squat for that long. Also, during this time, I haven't lost that much weight if any. ... (2 replies)
... Start walking everyday at the same time. Work yourself into a routine. then start doing something a little more strenuous like bodyweight exercises. Push ups, squats, lunges, pull ups. ... (3 replies)
... nding jeans is so difficult for me because I always have to get them a size larger to fit my thighs, but then they are too big around my waist. I run practically everyday for about 30 min. I do the elliptical every other day for about 30 min. I do lunges and I teach pilates 3 days a week. My problem is, my legs are still huge! ... (5 replies)
Going to the gym
Sep 10, 2007
... If you don't want to enlist a trainer, you can come up with a basic game plan of your own. And don't worry about looking like you have never been to a gym before. At some point or another everyone walks in for the first time. :) It just takes a little time to feel comfortable in that environment. My first suggestion would be that you should do your strength training before... (2 replies)
... s me when I do squats, lunges, anything where I bend my knee. It also bothered me alittle after my walk last night. It doesn't hurt when I just walk around or do everyday activities although it does cause a little discomfort when I go up the stairs. Any advice as to what may be causing this? ... (6 replies)
... Ahoy folks, I'm in need for a low-budget exercise routine to build up some muscle. As it stands I have trouble gaining weight (though I do put on sometimes) - Currently I weight 10.5 stone (67KG) and stand at about 187cm tall. That's pretty skinny, and I guess I have small bones too which doesn't help my overall lanky appearance. I need the cheapest options only please... ... (14 replies)
Strained Quad
Sep 9, 2006
... I believe I strained my left quad doing squats and lunges 2 weeks ago. Last week, it was so bad that if I even crouched down I couldn't get up without someone's help. ... (5 replies)
... I use 5KG weights, so 5KG = 11lb I see ok. I am using 5KG dumbells because I found them in the house so I thought Id make use of them. Is it really necessary to buy 10KG ones? Can't I just do double the exercise with 5KG? You said rest repairs the muscle, so I have to rest every other day. Basically I do these exercises 3 days a week and the other 4 days, are resting... (10 replies)
... ith 3 days a week and walking in between. Increase your protein and lessen your carbs. Good carbs only fruit, veges. etc. And of course do not forget your abs everyday to strenthen your core to prevent back problems in the future. and to also promote good posture! ... (10 replies)
... meaning those excersise tapes full of squats, lunges, yadda yadda and skiproping for 45 minutes. i tend to do these things everyday but its kinda wearin me out.. ... (1 replies)
Calories Burned?
May 10, 2006
... Hi all! I'm looking for a better way to judge the amount of calories burned during workouts. I have been using an on line calculator...problem is they are all so different. Different enough that I can't tell if I am getting enough exercise time in. Or if I actually need to be eating more. At this time I walk, 4km, (40 min), everyday, and I run 3km - 5km, 6 days... (3 replies)

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