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Hello, Iím a 17 year old turning 18 in a few days, and I suffer extremely dry/irritated eyes that are ruining my life I know it sounds crazy that such a young person could be suffering from it but itís true. This condition has completely changed my life. I constantly have a dry, gritty feeling, often accompanied by burning stinging and itching, as well as a foreign body sensation, sore and tired eyes. I have to avoid direct wind or fans/ac. It affects me almost constantly, every day. I've actually had this condition for almost a year and a half now, and although earlier in the year it seemed like it was getting worse, with the help of my eye doctor and taking my own measures, in recent months my symptoms have significantly improved. I take Restasis twice a day and allergy eye drops (pataday) once a day. I have to use over the counter eye drops like Refresh (preservative free and regular) many times a day. Towards the end of the day my symptoms get worse. I take omega 3 fish oil pills everyday but I'm not sure if they make a difference. My symptoms are so severe I barely finished my last semester of high school because the severe pain and discomfort Iím in makes it very difficult to do schoolwork. I also cannot have a job because of this. I am depressed and can barely do any of the things I used to be able to do. Although in the last few months my eyes seem to be improving more, I desperately want to know whats causing this condition, and is there anyone my age out there with this? I donít have a lot of money because I obviously canít work and my family is low income, so I canít afford expensive alternative treatmentsÖ What can I do? Please help me, I am desperate.

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