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My health was of some concern last year. A horizontal indentation (5"x 1 1/2") appeared on my right thigh lasting a month, but was concluded to be nothing from an ultrasound. Within a month I had low grade fevers, leg pain, cramps, burning, and muscle twitches in both legs and a strange mouth ulcer that made it's appearance when it all started. I was tested for lupus and mono among other things, but nothing showed itself in blood work. I gave up searching for answers five months later when my body felt some what back to normal and my doctors didn't seem to care.
Since then it has been about a year and a few months give or take. About a month and a half after moving to Georgia in September (09/15) I developed horrible allergies. At first I thought it was a cold, but dragged on which helped me to conclude that it was allergies. I lived in Florida before moving so I was some what used to seasonal allergies to an extent. Three months after the move my husband and I went to a historic fort and I came home with swollen under eyes and eye lids. Later came the sinus issues. I took some benadryl and the swelling went down within a week. I went on for about another week with the sinus problems.
The next week I made a trip to see my PCP. At the time both of my eyes felt like there was pressure underneath and around, and particularly effecting my right eye. I spoke to my doctor about this and went on about my way with some medications to help with congestion and the allergies. She did look at my eyes but didn't seem concerned. A few days after my appointment my right eye was feeling very sore when looking from left to right and still with pressure. Since then it has been about two weeks and I am still having this problem, but the congestion and sinus problems are gone. Some days the eye pain has been worse than others. I have not had any vision problems, but did have a night of dizziness when it progressed after seeing the PCP the first time. I would have gone to the doctor again during that time, but I was out of town for the holidays. I am currently scheduled to go back 01/06/16, however this is not the same PCP that was seen last year with my problems.
Due to last years bout of health issues and questions I'm wondering if this eye pain is something my doctor and I should be worrying about? Is there anything in particular I should be asking my doctor as well? What steps should my doctor take to make sure this is not a problem?
Thank you for your answers and for reading my long explanation! :angel:

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