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Hi as the title states I am having eye pain only in my left eye, only when looking to the left. And also when I press on my eye socket on top, I can feel the pain. This has been going on for 5 days now.

What could possibly be the cause? I had an eye exam done about two months ago and everything was normal. But at that time I didn't feel this pain.

Please help. Thanks in advance!
There is a condition known as Optical Neuritis, which affects your peripheral vision (looking to the sides of your eyes). It can affect only one eye.
This is not something a regular optomotrist would be able to see, but a good eye exam with a medical eye doctor (Opthamologist) would be able to see behind your eyes, with dialation. It can come on quickly and is painful.Just because things were fine 2 months ago doesnt mean you cant wake up with this condition out of the blue.

I would highly suggest you get in to see an opthamologist quickly- to get checked for this disease. It is treated with steroids, to bring down the inflammation.

Cant be sure this is what is going on but you would want to rule this out as Optical Neuritis, or ON, is known to be a precursor to other diseases. I have multiple scerlosis and get ON at least once a year. My brother gets ON twice a year, but has never been able to connect it to any other disease. He gets heavily tested since I have MS.

Go see a good opthamologist! Good luck!
Thanks. But it states one of the main symptoms is vision loss or disturbances. I don't have any vision loss or vision problems at all.

In addition, my left temple also has pain when I press on it. (Like the side of my face)
Vision loss is a possiblity but not a guarantee. You wouldnt know for sure if you were having it. They do a test called a vision field test, which picks up minute areas where the eye is not seeing well. Trust me, you wouldnt know if it was happening. My last VFT showed 15% loss in my left eye peripherally...I had no idea! I can see "fine".

It may not be optical neuritis. It could be caused by a migrane or something neurological. You wont know until you see a good opthamologist.

Good luck.
Thank you. Does diagnosing optic neuritis require your eyes to be dialated? Or can they look through the scope? I have an opthalmologist appointment soon and always have a tough time with my eyes being dialated.
Yes, they ususally need to be dialated. You should have this done once a year anyway, to look for diseases of the eye which cannot be seen by looking through the scope.
I would call your doctor and see if you can get in sooner. Let them know you are experiencing some problems. Waiting a month, if it is ON, can get worse.

Good luck.
I actually went earlier today. My eyes are still dilated. My optic nerve is completely normal. No optic neuritis. Opthalmologist thinks it's the muscle but not sure why it's causing pain so he referred me to a neurologist. I hope to see him ASAP. Will post back results after my visit. Wish me luck in finding the root of the problem.

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