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Migrain or tear
Sep 9, 2017
A few days ago, after a workout at the gym, I sat down on my laptop and saw a little of... something like flashing. I can't really describe it but it looked like shimmering lines and that lasted for about 5 minutes and then I got a headache.
I was worried that it may be a retinal tear and went to see a doc, he checked my vision, did not perform eye dilation but from his little test, he said I had no tear but still recommended a dilation a few days later.
I suffer from headaches but this is the first time this happened. The flashing like thing disappeared after 5 minutes and did not return. There was no loss of vision, no shadow in my side vision, I had floaters before and they are like... 1 or 2, no flashing of lights after that.
I have slight OCD and while doc told me to come on monday, I'm having trouble sleeping and I am scared so please, do tell. Was this just a migraine aura or might this really be a retinal tear?
I can see perfectly right now, with both eyes, just a barely noticeable black floater in my left eye (which suffered the flashing) but only if I stare at a plain wall.
Many thanks!

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