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[QUOTE=hazey]:wave: I'd love to hear from anyone who shares any of these symptoms or can enlighten me as to what the cause is.

Symptoms began in June 03 - headaches, right eye pain, right side of face tingling and numb. Not lost control of face completely, but mouth is now lower on that side and whole right side of face feels less sensitive to touch.

My vision problem is this: sometimes whatever I look at seems to shift slightly, either side to side or back and forth. It's very subtle most of the time, but on a handful of occasions, it has been more pronounced, like the zooming in and out of special effect on tv.

Also notice a kind of vibration in my vision - as if the whole surface of what I'm looking at is covered with moving particles. Not floaters, as I have had a couple of those in my left eye for a long time. This 'vibration' is constant, but especially noticeable when I look at blue sky, broad expanses of colour, patterns such as mosaic or brick walls and also in poor light conditions. I also seem to see shimmery movement around lamps. Night vision is very poor - seems to take ages for eyes to adjust. Also, in dark conditions, find I can see things (such as picture outlines on bedroom wall, light patches on the ceiling) much better by looking slightly to the side of them. When I look directly at them, they seem to disappear into the general grey light of the room.

I have some other symptoms (leg weakness, hand tremor, blotchy hands, substantial weight gain...) so have had brain MRI and lumbar puncture, which have ruled out multiple sclerosis. Investigations under way now for other diseases, including lupus, sarcoidosis and thyroid problems.

Since Nov 03 have been taking an antidepressant (citalopram) and have noticed that my pupils are often different in size from one another. The left gets quite dilated at times (medication side effect?) but the right remains small. Also, sometimes pupils don't appear to be completely in the centre of the iris, but slightly toward my nose, and not entirely round. (I know this sounds crazy. I'd especially like someone to tell me whether they've had/heard of this so I can be reassured about my mental state!!) :)[/QUOTE]

Some of what you describe sounds like a convergence deficit. When was the last time you saw the eye doctor? When I took Celexa I did not have things happen as a result of taking it. This December, I had esotropia (eye turned inward) that was brief. It happened several times and mostly when I was in a sleepy state. My eye doctor did not know why it happened (because I have muscle things happen bodywide). I have mildly elevated thyroid hormones and think that may be for me at the root of this or at least partly to blame. I get muscle spasms that do "pull" and "tug" but it is not limited to the eyes, neck, feet or hamstrings. I think you need to have some vision tests performed. I've also had alternating Bells Palsy (98 & 00) The second time was on the left side and the lip was more effected for a longer period.

These last 7 days, the left cheek from outer lip up along eye has been twitching like mad (you can feel tremor and pulse) and its happening in the left outer foot at the same time. This is the worst it's ever been. It has awoken me from sleep. So, I've experienced facial weakness two times sudden and severe and at other times minimally affecting face but still a loss of funtion comes and goes. I had weakness in my legs twice that I can recall. Once the left almost gave out same time frame had severe pain in the right eye (1st time), it hurt to look directionally. The right ankle/leg(this summer) gave and I tripped up the stair. My right wrist gave out in the same week and it caused a mild sprain. It was like the brain decided my body was not going to function for brief moments and it really scares me. I never know what part of my body is going to be affected next. It happens and that's that. With the muscle problems I have been having blood pressure changes (160/98 or 140/96 or 112/63), palpetations/fluttering, waking up with a rapid & hard pulse (95-100) lightheaded-dizzy (at times when the eyes are bothering me), temperature fluctuations (up and lower), like a thyroid roller coaster.

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