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Hi Mani,

I'm glad to help - I know how frustrating blepharitis can be especially when conventional treatments don't work.

It sounds like what you have is probably seborrheic blepharitis, although my own bout with staph blepharitis was sometimes pretty mild at times too. Inflammed eyelids and crustiness go kind of hand in hand, and I think it depends on what form of bleph one has that determines what causes what. Seborrheic bleph is essentially like eye dandruff and it collects on the eyelids - hence the crust is the cause of the inflammation. Staph bleph is an over-bloom of staph bacteria (the bacteria that causes styes, meningitis, UTIs, and the the dreaded hospital "staph infection) growing around the eyelashes - therefore the crust is the result of the disease. Don't worry - staph bacteria commonly occur on the skin, but sometimes it goes a bit wacky and builds up rapidly (within days from what I remember).

Tegrin works for both of these conditions. It works for seb bleph, obviously due to its similarity to hair dandruff. Dandruff shampoos also kill the blooms of staph bacteria (my own personal testimonial). I don't believe this problem needs to be chronic (such a harsh word imo) at all - no more so than dandruff needs to be. Since staph bacteria live on us anyways, in that situation there's no way anyone can ever get rid of all of them, and there's nothing to "cure" to begin with except an overgrowth. Sure, I get a little dandruff once in a while just like everyone else, but I don't consider it "chronic". I think doctors like to use words like that for the drama effect... ;)

Warm cloths on my eyes always seem to make the problem worse even if it felt good at the time and did remove crusts in the morning...given that bacteria actually love that environment I think I did more harm than good.

I don't know how long it takes to build up crusts in either case, but it can be quick - it appeared within days of my trip to Urgent Care. Unfortunately, it doesn't take long to build up again once you've cleaned it. It probably depends on a number of factors like diet, environment, whether you pick at your eyes a lot, how often you wash your face, stress setc.

I know how irritating sore eyelids can be, especially that inside corner. My only concern would be if your tear ducts are swollen, are they infected? Has bacteria gotten down into them and are plugging them up? Ask your opthamologist when you see him.

You'll know what your recurrance rate is over time. I didn't know for a while that mine was completely gone until several months went by. I've never had to go to any special lengths to maintain "eye hygiene" after my problem went away, but I do wash my face nightly just to get the day's gunk off. I don't even think about washing my face in terms of "keeping bleph away" but in terms of "keeping the pimples away". lol

Only you will know for sure how much work you have to put into keeping your eyes clear, but if you just wash your hair with a dandruff shampoo a couple times a week and do the suds thing I mentioned before while you're in the shower, you'll probably be fine. Simply integrate either Tegrin or Head'N'Shoulders in to your shampoo supply.

One word about antibiotics - if you have the staph variety, staph bacteria are very adaptable and built up antibiotic resistances quickly. Don't let a doctor prescribe an antibiotic just to get it done and over with. You could be doing yourself a disservice by creating a resistant strain that may indeed become almost impossible to get rid of completely. And since antibiotics aren't going to help seb bleph anyways, I don't see a reason to take antibiotics at all.

Good luck at your opthamologist appointment! :)


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