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Hi --

I have suffered for years from eye problems, which I always thought were allergies. I'm allergic to almost everything and have been getting shots for 1.5 years now with no relief so now I think maybe I have something wrong with my meibomian glands or dry eye or something else. I have a little itching, but mostly burning, foreign body sensation, and a lot of goopy stuff, which is either white or clear. For some reason, it is much, much worse in my right eye. The opthomalogist says I don't have an infection, but based on internet research could I have meibomitis (plugged meibomian glands)? Has anyone had an opthomalogist miss something like that? He did say that my tear film was messed up and to use preservative free tears, which I've been doing. I've started doing the compresses and lid massage -- can you actually SEE the oil that comes out of the glands when you do this? What does it look like? It's worse in the morning but often lasts all day. My conjunctiva in my right eye is swollen in the morning and it's painful to open until I put in artificial tears, but it's not glued shut with goop or anything. ANY help would be great -- this is my first post to a board like this.

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